Posted on Monday 23rd Jul 2012 at 8:19 AM UTC

FIFA 13: Manager Mode gets first details

Revamped player transfers and internationals...

The first details on FIFA 13 Manager Mode have emerged in the latest round of previews.

FIFA 13 Screenshot
As you'll find out in our in-depth FIFA 13 preview, EA Canada has worked hard this year to ramp up the level of authenticity in the Manager Mode transfer window, completely rewriting the logic behind the deals

The new transfer system factors in aspects such as player form, age, morale, club rivalries and the amount of time a player still has left on their contract.

The biggest addition to the FIFA 13 Manager Mode though is the addition of internationals.

In past iterations of FIFA, players have been able to select international teams for exhibition games and even create their own tournaments to compete in against the AI. However, for FIFA 13, the experience of playing in or managing an international team has been woven into the career mode - provided the player is good enough, that is.

For more details read the full FIFA 13 Manager Mode preview.

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3 comments so far...

  1. Billybob21 on 23 Jul '12 said:

    Finally. I've been wanting Internationals woven into the career mode for years.

  2. heatuk10 on 23 Jul '12 said:

    Hope this also works as when players are playing well they can get international call ups rather than just using the same players in the national sides every season. I would also like the ability to know what players perform well in tournaments so we can buy them for our club sides.

  3. The Bossman on 23 Jul '12 said:

    The FIFA 12 transfer system was ridiculous, yes it was probably realistic, but saving up cash to buy a decent player took ages, most of the better players were 50 million or more to buy as a starting offer. You'd end up finishing a whole season to buy 1 or 2 players and maybe sell 1 or 2 to bring some cash back in.