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Square Enix to talk future Final Fantasy XIII plans in September

Jonathan Toyad
By Jonathan Toyad, Associate Editor

Publisher planning Final Fantasy event in Shibuya; FFXI and FFXIV presentations also planned.

Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix has announced it will be hosting a public stage show to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary at the Shibuya Hikarie building in Tokyo, Japan, starting from August 31. As part of the celebrations, Square says it will be divulging its future plans concerning Final Fantasy XIII at a special event slated for September 1.

The event will be called "Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation" and will feature the game's producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, and other members of the staff to present new information and answer questions.

The 25th-anniversary celebrations will be held from August 31 until September 2. The first day will be a private media-only event, while the remaining days will be open to the public. Other highlights from the upcoming event include a Final Fantasy XI music presentation, a showcase for Final Fantasy XIV concerning the game's upcoming 2.0 revision, and a live discussion concerning the future of the series featuring Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata and Final Fantasy X art director Yusuke Naora.

Several sources recently claimed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII may have been officially cancelled, though Square Enix refrained from a public announcement. The game has been in development since 2005 and was first announced in E3 2006.

Jonathan Toyad
By Jonathan Toyad, Associate Editor

Born and raised from a jungle-laden village in Sarawak, Malaysia, Jonathan Toyad has been playing games since the early 90s. He favors fighting games, RPGs, and rhythm titles above every other genre, and occasionally spaces out like Pavlov's dog to video game music on his iPod.

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desperate001 11 pts

Next to it being linear, I don't see why people nag so much about FF XIII. It was a great game, the battle system was on point with a hint of complexity, story was likeable, and I've always had that sense of getting more and more powerful. It being linear didn't detract from anything. I'm just starting FFXIII-2, and so far it's just as good, or better than it's prequel.

Zilaan_ 6 pts

If there's a FF that deserves a sequel or remake in current or next gen consoles  that's FF VII - the most memorable and rich final fantasy game, with the best characters, story, battle system, music, etc...Try to imagine FF XIII on a PS1, it would be like running in corridors and auto battle system with a linear storyline.I think Square Enix is going the wrong direction in the FF series but I hope FF XV changes that.

madmann05 5 pts

Listen up all you unappreciates - SE has revolutionized the realm of RPGs over and over and over. Yet all some people do is whine because you can't appreciate SE doing something new - in an attempt to give you a better gaming experience no less.. You people must SUCK at relationships if all you do is focus on what you don't like about something AWESOME.


Why revisit the old games in HD? Why touch the Mona Lisa and say 'Hey Da Vinci! It was good back when you painted it but we're going to redo it in higher definition...'


With all the respect you deserve, nay-sayers...stop playing FF games, and leave your shallow minded opinions of a revolutionary, industry leading team where they belong - closed up in your homes :)


SE, thank you for all you do.

This comment has been deleted
inebriantia 10 pts

Yeah, I've been playing FF since the NES and I'm just tired of it. Toriyama just needs to either step down or get fired. He drove FF into the ground with 13, and now it's to the point I'm not sure it can recover in time to make another great game. They spent too much time and money developing that engine, which is the reason we keep getting 13 sequels. His idea for half naked 13 yr old girls being mainstream heroes just makes him look like a perv.


 I have no problem wanting to have lightning as a main, but it can't be just her, he's just way too obsessed with Lightning and she's not that great of a character. There needs to be a decent sized cast, and this battle system needs major improvement, it's just way too easy. The series does have potential to be great, but sadly it failed. 

NeoSapphire 5 pts

No way. The weakest FF in terms of pretty much everything, especially story and characters, and they won't kill it? I'm never touching another FF game again.

staluvngames 6 pts

first off square probably keeps making ff13 games so they can wait till ps4 to come out then bring out versus on a more powerful system to better the game graphic and add more to it. so they making sequel to 13 so they can stall for versus, well that what I that might just be going on here.

adupuis 5 pts


 whats big deal about better the game graphics i like it the way it is now. all people carefor better graphics

kiramasaki 114 pts

Why is the worst flipping FF still ongoing. 13 is garbage, it shouldnt have been made , let alone a sequel, and now another one.

leviathanwing 77 pts

 kiramasaki thatd be 14... but then again that wouldnt fit with your narrow narrative now would it?

chechak7 53 pts

I hope the new FF is connected  to FINAL FANTASY 8 continuing the story ...omg i remember those days is great  Squall Leonhart & Rinoa Heartilly ...

chechak7 53 pts

Lightning is great character hope it will be in next FF maybe other other funny male  character suite here 

warrner11 18 pts


if VS 13 is cancelled, then i wash my hands to Square Enix.


im done

Simba13 11 pts

I just really wish they would revisit and upgrade the graphics and audio of FF VII to XII for the next gen consoles. They were great games with a huge fan following and to have them released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and PC would be a sure money maker for SE!

They already have the characters and storylines of the established world renowned games, which have stood the test of time, so an updated re release on all platforms is really a no brainer as far as profits go.

I know I would buy them all again because the big advantage would be that I already know I like them and would play them again, so I'm sure I'm not the only one?

There was an atmosphere of excitement in the earlier games which is somehow missing from the recent releases in the franchise?

mike2238 7 pts


 I agree...I would surely revisit these games if they were made in HD, more than any others FFVII and VIII. It seems SE likes to look forward to new titles and IPs, and leave the classics behind. It's a shame cause as you said, it would bring in the money.

Simba13 11 pts

 mike2238 I find it strange that SE are concentrating so much on the FF XIII sequels, when previous games were standalone titles?

The obvious answer is because they want to re-use characters, moves, weapons and game playing areas, which will cut down on development time for them and make the sequels more profitable?

If that idea makes sense to them, then surely re-creating the earlier FF's, which after all really made a name for them as the start of the franchise makes even more sense?

With the current worldwide recession seeing games developers going to the wall all the time, you would think they would jump at the chance to profit from some of the most popular games they have ever produced, on all the consoles, to a new generation of gamers?

mike2238 7 pts


It would make sense for them to do that. Or at least If they are not willing to do any remakes themselves let the fan projects continue. There was a group of talented guys who decided to make a 3D version of chrono trigger. The game looked very impressive. SE caught wind of it  and stopped the development dead in its tracks. I think if you are not willing to remake the old titles, you should let someone who can do the games justice try!

Ka3DX 19 pts

 Simba13 Thing is, they don't want to do it right now because of the magnitude of work that doing so would require. It's not just a matter of upgrading the graphics, but reimagining a lot of the gameplay, environments etc. Basically they're just too busy at this moment, maybe after KH3

leviathanwing 77 pts

its akin to saying that ferrari dominated motor sports racing some decades ago so using those same cars would make them dominate now... i think that people dont understand that that is not so.  nostalgia is like a drug... take less of it more often.

foufoufun0 13 pts

I just hope they make it linear like the first XIII. Serriously, that time thingy and the conversation choices never added anything to the game. It just made the dialogues meaningless.


FF XIII was the best FF I've ever played (I like lazy rpg with lots of blah blah) and I've only played 5 hours of FF XIII-2, got stuck not knowing where to go next, then got bored. I guess I'll have to get through to be up to date with the story though.

badboyzkg 5 pts

 foufoufun0 I agree with you. FF XIII was the first FF I've ever beaten and it has my two fav characters in gaming history(Lightning and Fang). I beat FF XIII-2 even collected all the trophies, but hope this new one brings back the original gang

mariannion 5 pts

Didn't mind 13-2, glad now that I missed out on the crystal edition though that would have been a waste of money. As long as 13-3 doesn't make you buy dlc I'll be happy. I still trust square too much so I will be buying 13-3 but hmmm... was desperate for versus :( it'd better not be cancelled it wasn't long ago it was finally at '100% development'!?

Lhomity 145 pts

 mariannion My sexy t-shirt says the crystal edition wasn't a waste of money :P

mariannion 5 pts

@Lhomity to be honest I'm just bitter about the crystal edition cause I had it pre ordered then game messed up and I had to get standard :(

zhaffy 27 pts

I think that they should just make Versus into FF15 or smth, because the FF13 name has been.... brought down.

noble_platypus 5 pts

you people need to get over yourselves, and assuming that they will move faster than needed just to give you less!!??.....they are trying to give you the best but first they are waiting for technology to get moving up to where they want to start making these games on higher graphics gaming console!....So Shut up and please be patient! The world is not ending! They have something planned just wait for it they wont dissapoint you so stop assuming they will.

noble_platypus 5 pts

AWESOME YES!!!!I love Lightning....hopefully a better ending an where vanille an fang wake up again! >.<

As for final fantasy versus the only reason it is taking so long that you people havent got into your thick skulls is because how much they wanted to advance the graphics and cant reach their desired animation till the playstation 4 or later....the ps3 has limited amount of space for such graphics...and for higher graphics they need a better gaming platform!!

foufoufun0 13 pts

 noble_platypus lol, not enough space? Back in my days, some games had as much as 5 disc. Still, I think they made a pretty awesome job with FFXIII. Fully animated cut scenes all over the game. And not just cheap ass stiff characters with mouth lipsync. The only thing they could do better are shiny visuals. It doesn't really make the game better, just cost more money to make (and time).

leviathanwing 77 pts

 noble_platypus space and capability are entirely different things

NeverMore0 43 pts

I'm still mad at myself for preordering XIII-2. No way I'll make that mistake again with XIII-3. It's gonna have to get some spectacular reviews for me to consider buying it, and even then it's pretty iffy.


Would have loved to get my hands on Versus, but I guess SE decided they'd rather keep churning out crappy sequels than work on something original.

leviathanwing 77 pts

 NeverMore0 its called versus 13... what this about crappy sequels?

NickyWithATicky 152 pts

I liked FFXIII, but even I haven't got round to getting FFXIII-2.

elitejounin 22 pts

"The event will be called "Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation""


REALLY hope that this isn't going to be about a XIII-3. If so then I'm really done with the series. 

guildclaws 33 pts

@elitejounin "Hope that this isn't going to be about XIII-3". We all know what's going to happen, they even registered a domain named XIII-3 a couple of months ago.

elitejounin 22 pts

 guildclaws  Then I guess I'm officially done with final fantasy. It's such a pity since so many great games came out bearing the final fantasy name. (Not so much in recent years, but still....)

Requiescat in pace

TommyBarban 35 pts

I have never played a FF game, ever. I would like to give it a try but everybody is ripping on the 13 series, hope this one will be better so I can buy that stuff!

gansheen 6 pts

 TommyBarban play FFX to get a feel of the essence for a newbie ,final fantasy FFX-2 afterwards,  FFX-2 is the more similar game to older versions, FFXII was at new type birthing dragon age gameplay, and FFXIII was like a movie 

TrueGB 311 pts

 TommyBarban Start at FF10 and work your way backwards, there's no shortage of any of these games even after all these years, and you won't be disappointed (well, maybe with 8; you can stop at 4, but try to get 1).

foufoufun0 13 pts

 TrueGB If you don't like emulators, FF1&2 on GBA is a nice deal (=.

leviathanwing 77 pts

 TommyBarban everyone but you should have an opinion on FF... so sayeth the FF 'faithful'

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