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New in the last 5 minutes

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is coming to North American Vitas this summer   Pocket Gamer - 20:28

In the last hour

Plague Inc. introduces 'Mega Brutal' difficulty, adds four new scenarios in latest update   Pocket Gamer - 19:54

In the last 2 hours

Royce Gracie unlockable in EA Sports UFC   CVG - 19:28
Artist Omocat's surreal RPG Omori channels its inner Earthbound   Joystiq - 19:00
Destiny gameplay video shows Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes   CVG - 18:58
WoW: Warlords of Draenor dev team discuss classes, PvP, maps – video   VG247 - 18:54
Elder Scrolls Online – 85% of customer tickets attributed to bots and spammers   VG247 - 18:48

In the last 4 hours

XCOM: Enemy Unknown arriving on Android “soon”   VG247 - 18:29
SWTOR’s early subscriber access to Galactic Strongholds delayed   VG247 - 18:23
Ascendant teaser video shows that fire is bad   VG247 - 18:16
PlayStation Plus free games for May in the EU announced   Gamespot - 18:16
Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition for consoles leaked on ratings board - 18:12
World of Warcraft: 30-min dev documentary talks Warlords of Draenor   CVG - 18:11
SNES and GBA Remix could happen with enough demand   CVG - 18:02
FTC clears Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR   Joystiq - 18:00
EVE Fanfest – full schedule detailed by CCP   VG247 - 17:59
Watch Dogs multiplayer walkthrough video released   VG247 - 17:36
Super Mario 64 120 star speed run sets new world record - 17:35
Another World rated for multiple platforms in Germany   VG247 - 17:33
Watch Dogs multiplayer exposed in new gameplay video - 17:21
People donated $100,571 to pay for a game about being a bear   Gamespot - 17:15
Goat Simulator update 1.1 will contain parkour   VG247 - 17:11
Out at midnight - Hunted Cow rolls out some more tactical tank battles with Tank Battle: East Front 1943   Pocket Gamer - 17:10
Monument Valley dev ustwo on why free-to-play was never an option   Pocket Gamer - 17:04
Watch Dogs screens show spider tank, poker cheating & bike jumping   VG247 - 17:00
Watch Dogs looks 'identical' on Xbox One & PS4 - 17:00
Destiny will fly you (and Titans, Hunters and Warlocks) to the moon   Joystiq - 17:00
Watch Dogs: What Can You Do Besides Hacking?   Gamespot - 17:00
Watch Dogs multiplayer detailed: Deathmatch, Free Roam, Tablet-vs-TV   CVG - 17:00
Video: 8 minutes of Watch Dogs multiplayer, spider tank gameplay   CVG - 17:00
"World's dumbest game" Goat Simulator will soon let you balance on your front legs   Gamespot - 16:49
Video: Project Cars trailer features slow-mo speedsters   CVG - 16:36
Colourful physics-based game Microtrip has just slid onto Android for free   Pocket Gamer - 16:33

In the last 8 hours

New trailer for the most "technically advanced racing game on the planet," coming to Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC   Gamespot - 16:25
Goat Simulator update to add split-screen multiplayer and parkour   CVG - 16:09
Master Chief voice actor knows nothing about Halo for Xbox One - 16:06
Gameloft updates GT Racing 2 with diamond encrusted cars, team battles, and more prizes   Pocket Gamer - 16:04
Watch Dogs gets real-world clothing line   Gamespot - 16:00
Watch Dogs' graphics will "compare greatly to E3 2012" - 16:00
Ubisoft to offer local payment options in Latin America, southern Europe   VG247 - 15:58
Destiny website updated with new information about classes, enemies   Gamespot - 15:56
World of Warcraft player earns all 2,057 of the game’s achievements   VG247 - 15:53
Nintendo Miiverse update restricts posting in quick succession   VG247 - 15:47
Windows 8 to finally return Start Menu in August update - 15:42
EU PS Store update: Batman: Arkham Origins DLC and Octodad PS4   CVG - 15:42
Slitherine's iPad version of Da Vinci's Art of War is now on sale for 69p/99c   Pocket Gamer - 15:42
Japan: Final Fantasy XIV PS4 makes top 3 chart debut   CVG - 15:33
Another World rated for current consoles, handhelds in Germany   Joystiq - 15:30
EU Ps Store update, April 23: Octodad: Dadliest Catch, The Walking Dead Season 2 Vita, more   VG247 - 15:25
Hazard Ops video says “kickin’ ass isn’t pretty” but it’s pretty fun   VG247 - 15:17
Nintendo restricts Miiverse comment frequency   CVG - 15:15
Space combat sim Starlight Inception swoops onto Vita in the US   Pocket Gamer - 15:14
Elder Scrolls Online dev battles black market - 15:09
Skylanders: Trap Team figures revealed in leaked photo - 15:04
NES Remix 2 - Now Playing   Gamespot - 15:00
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Random Encounter   Gamespot - 15:00
Ahead of E3, Ubisoft teases new Prince of Persia game   Gamespot - 14:44
Yo-Kai Watch tops Media Create, Final Fantasy 14 PS4 debut barely misses second   VG247 - 14:43
May 2014 PlayStation Plus games include PS4's Stick it to the Man, Puppeteer & Payday 2 - 14:23
Muramasma Rebirth and Everybody's Golf are your free PS Plus Vita games for May   Pocket Gamer - 14:20
The next League of Legends champion is Braum, the game's first "true tank support"   Gamespot - 14:19
Kiss and hug like lovers in PlayStation Home - 14:17
Download deluxe edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition, sit on a dragon skull throne   Joystiq - 14:00
TIGA to host Games Tax Relief Q&A Series around UK, Scotland   VG247 - 13:53
China reveals censorship rules for console games -- Nothing that promotes drug use or violence will be allowed   Gamespot - 13:53
Kickstart this: Be a brat in time in endearing adventure game Inspire Me   Pocket Gamer - 13:49
Bronze Award-winning Clumsy Ninja does a flip, slips over, and lands on Android for free   Pocket Gamer - 13:43
EU PS Plus update: Payday 2, Puppeteer, Muramasa   CVG - 13:40
PlayStation Plus EU May update: Payday 2, Puppeteer, Muramasa Rebirth   VG247 - 13:28
Reaching 1080p on Xbox One "tougher" compared to PS4 for upcoming RPG Lords of the Fallen   Gamespot - 13:24
KingHunt, Mountain Sheep's Silver Award-winning slashy slicey arcade burst, is free right now on iPad and iPhone   Pocket Gamer - 13:01
PS Plus Europe in May: Stick it to the Man, Puppeteer, Muramasa Rebirth   Joystiq - 13:00
PS Plus gets Puppeteer, Payday 2 and Stick it to the Man in May - 12:43
Lords of the Fallen producer: achieving 1080p on Xbox One is “slightly tougher” than PS4   VG247 - 12:38

In the last 12 hours

Out at midnight: Socceer Rally 2 is a football game with cars, multi-ball modes, and same device multiplayer for iPad and iPhone   Pocket Gamer - 12:30
Lords of the Fallen likely to hit 1080p on PS4, but tougher to confirm resolution on Xbox One - 12:30
Xbox One hits Japan Sept. 4 -- Will it find success where Xbox 360 did not?   Gamespot - 12:30
Lords of the Fallen once again channels the spirit of Dark Souls - 12:26
Grave: indie horror title confirmed for Xbox One as Kickstarter nears end – trailer   VG247 - 12:25
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt dev reiterates commitment to DRM-free PC release   VG247 - 12:11
Out at midnight: Suited Up is a one touch platformer with a difference for iPad and iPhone   Pocket Gamer - 11:58
Twitch, Amazon & Crytek among first announced Develop 2014 speakers   VG247 - 11:57
Chaos Mode included in April 22 Call of Duty: Ghosts title update - 11:56
Out at midnight: Third Eye Crime is a stealth game with a psychic twist   Pocket Gamer - 11:31
China releases censorship guidelines for console games   CVG - 11:23
Loads of PS1 and PSP games have magically become available for download on PS Vita   Pocket Gamer - 11:05
Rise Kujikawa confirmed to be playable in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax   Joystiq - 11:00
Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition includes a pocket watch replica - 10:57
Black the Fall and Leap of Fate are next Square Enix Collective games – trailers & details   VG247 - 10:53
Humble Mobile Bundle 5 adds R-Type, Paper Monsters, and Enviro-Bear 2010 to its roster   Pocket Gamer - 10:41
inFamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail missions won’t result in paper power   VG247 - 10:23
Crytek's F2P Warface officially launches on Xbox 360 - 10:20
The Room 2 and Shadowrun Returns are the headliners in Google's spring sale for Android   Pocket Gamer - 10:19
PS4 trailer shows off new video capture editing tools   CVG - 10:15
Chinese reveals its censorship rules for console games - 10:14
Lords of the Fallen trailer gets knocked down, but it gets up again   Joystiq - 10:00
League of Legends: new champion Braum announced, first details released   VG247 - 09:55
Ace Combat Infinity launches May 28 - 09:52
Destiny gets an official website, revealing details on guardians, locations & enemies - 09:49