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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wants to know your favorite candy   Joystiq - 07:00

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Alien: Isolation dev diary breaks things to make them look better   Joystiq - 02:30

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Cave Story coming to European 3DS eShop on May 1, Australia eventually   Joystiq - 01:30
Candy Crush Saga settles dispute with CandySwipe “amicably”   Gamespot - 00:40
Check out Magic 2015's list of card-contributing game developers   Joystiq - 00:30


Nintendo joins National Park Foundation for the White House Easter Egg Roll   Joystiq - 23:30
Putt-Putt and Pajama Sam just as hardcore as Dark Souls according to Steam tags   Gamespot - 23:02
Sniper Elite 3 will give UK satirist chance to snipe himself   Joystiq - 22:30
GRID teases new racing game   Gamespot - 21:56 adds enhanced Mac, language support to select games   Joystiq - 21:30
SOE President doesn’t dodge questions about similarities between H1Z1 and DayZ   Gamespot - 20:09
Danganronpa 2, Fairy Fencer F, Disgaea 4 dated for Vita in North America   Joystiq - 19:30
Cel Damage HD launching on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita April 22   Gamespot - 18:44
Former LucasArts president now CEO at Dungeon Defenders dev   Joystiq - 18:30
Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta coming to get you in May   Joystiq - 17:30
Joystiq Weekly: NPD sales data, Trials: Fusion review, A Realm Reborn tips and more   Joystiq - 16:30
Report: New Prince of Persia using Rayman Legends engine in development   Gamespot - 16:29
Can We Build a Gaming PC on a Console Budget?   Gamespot - 16:00
Game Music Bundle 7: Journey, Broken Age, Luftrausers   Joystiq - 15:30
Watch Dogs sequel eBook picks up where the game ends   Gamespot - 14:38
Tales of Hearts R coming West, stealing your heart winter 2014   Joystiq - 14:30 Week That Was: Unity acquires Playnomics, Twitter unveils mobile app promotion suite, and F2P might not be the only ticket in town   Pocket Gamer - 12:00
Glitchspace Early Access Review   Gamespot - 01:33
Dog bites man, man clubs dog in Risen 3 CGI teaser   Joystiq - 01:00
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition releases on Android   CVG - 00:39
TinyBuild kills JetGetters funding drive, despite surpassing goal   Joystiq - 00:30
GS News Top 5 - PlayStation 4 sells more consoles than Xbox One + The Next Civilization Is In Space!   Gamespot - 00:00
Everybody suspects Octodad: Dadliest Catch hits PS4 on April 22   Joystiq - 00:00