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Hearthstone on the original Game Boy looks tasty   VG247 - 11:59

In the last half-hour

Out at midnight: ALONE is a sharp arcade auto-flyer for iPad and iPhone   Pocket Gamer - 11:39

In the last hour

Metro: Redux gallery – the apocalypse never looked this beautiful   VG247 - 11:31
Dragon Age Inquisition to feature four-player co-op mode separate to the single-player story - 11:28
Out at midnight: The Nightmare Cooperative is a dungeon crawler with a clever puzzle-like twist   Pocket Gamer - 11:28
Out at midnight: Bioshock brings the classic underwater shooter to iPhone and iPad   Pocket Gamer - 11:18

In the last 2 hours

Infinity Blade Trilogy to conclude on September 4 - 11:05
Mikey Boots, the tappy new entry in the Mikey series, is set to hit iOS and iPad on September 4th   Pocket Gamer - 10:58
Saints Row studio to reveal new game on Friday   CVG - 10:51
Call of Duty sale assaults PS3 with 10% savings   VG247 - 10:44
Hellblade video: how to do triple-A on a shoestring   VG247 - 10:27
Thank PewDiePie for EA reprinting Skate 3 years after release   VG247 - 10:20
British Geological Survey recreates Great Britain in Minecraft - 10:19

In the last 4 hours

Metro developer's next game will be "a more sand-box style experience" - 10:05
Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 begins rolling out ahead of Seasons launch on Friday - 10:03
Under Defeat HD hits Xbox 360 stateside after two years AWOL   Joystiq - 10:00
More GTA Online code “leaks”: military DLC, face-paints, VTOL jets   VG247 - 09:50
Doritos and Mountain Dew giving away free Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer gear   VG247 - 09:44
Is Saints Row 5 being revealed this week? - 09:36
GTA 5 doesn't feature a character based on Lindsay Lohan, argues Rockstar - 09:35
Mario Kart 8 getting Zelda, Animal Crossing & F-Zero DLC - 09:16
Icebreaker, VVVVVV, Impossible Road, and more go cheap or free in superb App Store sale   Pocket Gamer - 09:00

In the last 8 hours

Is PSN ready for Destiny?   VG247 - 08:03
Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar for attention, Grand Theft Auto 5 dev says - 08:01
Dragon Age: Inquisition 4-player co-op revealed, separate to campaign   Joystiq - 08:00
Lindsay Lohan sued us for attention, says Rockstar   VG247 - 07:38
Mario Kart DLC packs priced $8 each, $12 2-in-1 bundle   Joystiq - 05:30

In the last 12 hours

EA expects to make $1 billion from DLC this year   VG247 - 02:22
Someone has made SimCity inside Minecraft   VG247 - 02:01
10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs in GTA5 (That's What She Said)   Joystiq - 02:00
Here’s a little something for Mega Man fans, at least   VG247 - 01:47
PSN Tuesday: Infamous First Light, Madden 15, Metro Redux   Joystiq - 01:30
Titan Souls trailer showcases terrifying bosses, lovely scenery - 01:12
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call trailer features Type-0 music   CVG - 01:11
GS News Update: New Mario Kart 8 DLC Starting in November   Gamespot - 01:02
OlliOlli kicks, pushes, coasts to PS4 and PS3   Joystiq - 01:00
Inquisition reveals four-player co-op mode - 00:37
Play all of the 'Connected World' Ludum Dare 30 games   Joystiq - 00:30
Turns out you can have bigger maps in SimCity after all   VG247 - 00:23

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Go towards the light in Seashine, an oceanic survival game coming in September   Pocket Gamer - 00:05
GS News - New Pokémon Game; PS4 Poaching Microsoft And Nintendo Fans!   Gamespot - 00:00
EA Sports UFC taunts three new fighters   Joystiq - 00:00
GS News - New Pokémon Game; PS4 Poaching Microsoft And Nintendo Fans!   Gamespot - 00:00


Liked Mass Effect 3′s co-op? You’ll probably like Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer   VG247 - 23:58
Only one player can win in Dead Cells, an upcoming co-op survival game with a twist   Pocket Gamer - 23:43
Rebirth - 23:33
The Crew races at 30FPS, 1080p on Xbox One, PS4, PC   Joystiq - 23:30
Olli Olli onto PS3 and PS4 today   VG247 - 23:13
Quick Look: Taxi   Gamespot - 23:00
The Last of Us Remastered update adds new weapons, multiplayer battlegrounds   Joystiq - 23:00
Zelda, F-Zero, and Animal Crossing Content Coming to Mario Kart 8   Gamespot - 22:55
Get a litle Zelda and Animal Crossing in your Mario Kart   VG247 - 22:46
Meet GameSpot at PAX: Free Breakfast, Panels, and Parties   Gamespot - 22:32
Lego Batman 3 goes Beyond Gotham on November 11   Joystiq - 22:30
Twitch and video games help disabled man remain positive   VG247 - 22:05
Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Multiplayer; First Details Revealed   Gamespot - 21:56
Want Your PC Games to Cost Less and Run Better? Razer Wants to Help   Gamespot - 21:44
Link revs up in Mario Kart 8 this November   Joystiq - 21:40
Zen Studios latest pinball table summons the Walking Dead   Joystiq - 21:30
Twitch doing “absolutely great” on its own, no need to change things – Amazon   VG247 - 21:18
Star Wars: Commander clashes clans on iOS   Joystiq - 21:00
Capcom sues Koei Tecmo over Dynasty Warriors tech   CVG - 20:53
GS News Update: Pokken Tournament Confirmed to be a Pokemon Fighting Game   Gamespot - 20:36
Metro Redux shows off 60FPS in launch trailer   Joystiq - 20:30
Google Didn't Buy Twitch Because of Potential Antitrust Issues - Report   Gamespot - 20:28
Mega Man X4, X5 coming to PS3 and Vita in US next month   CVG - 20:11
Here’s some GIFs Sony pulled from Rime’s gamescom trailer   VG247 - 20:03
Quick Look: Shadowgate   Gamespot - 20:00
Quick Look: Shadowgate   Gamespot - 20:00
Your dalliance with Brainiac in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has a date   VG247 - 19:39
Koei Tecmo slapped with $9.43 million patent infringement lawsuit by Capcom   VG247 - 19:30
EA hopes to earn $1 billion from add-on content this year   Joystiq - 19:30
Madden NFL 15 - Now Playing featuring Eric "Problem" Wright   Gamespot - 18:46
Infamous: First Light Review Roundup   Gamespot - 18:45
Next Dark Souls 2 DLC sits on the iron throne, out now   Joystiq - 18:30
Capcom files lawsuit against Koei Tecmo for patent infringement - report - 18:21
Joystiq Streams: Back underground with Metro Redux's survival horror   Joystiq - 18:00
New GTA Online verified jobs include “That’s What She Said” and “Tittie Twister”   VG247 - 17:58
Second DLC chapter in Dark Souls 2: The Lost Crowns trilogy out today   VG247 - 17:45
Metro Redux launch trailer lights up Moscow   CVG - 17:44
$6 Fallout Games, $10 Far Cry 3, and More in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals   Gamespot - 17:35
Execs explain the rationale behind Amazon buying Twitch   Joystiq - 17:30
GaymerX convention will return following developer donations - 17:17
Joystiq is giving away tens of thousands of Dizzel beta codes   Joystiq - 17:09
Review scores start landing for InFamous: First Light – here’s a small round up   VG247 - 16:58
Battlefield: Hardline – Westie on asymmetric weapons and weapons licenses   VG247 - 16:52
GRID Autosport Sprint Pack DLC introduces a new point-to-point mode - 16:49
Custom Xbox One Evil Within Consoles Will Be Given Away At PAX to a Lucky Few   Gamespot - 16:48
The Evil Within video introduces voice cast   CVG - 16:43
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is set to soar into space on November 14th   Pocket Gamer - 16:40
Need for Speed Rivals, Garden Warfare nab Deals With Gold price drops   Joystiq - 16:30