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Paper Mario stage coming to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - 09:29

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Rust’s Garry tells fans to chillax over Riftlight   VG247 - 09:28

In the last half-hour

Missed The Last of Us: One Night Live? Watch it here - 09:22
You won’t be able to decapitate enemies in Assassin’s Creed Unity   VG247 - 09:13

In the last hour

GTA 5 PC mods incoming: what CJ from San Andreas looks like in 2014   VG247 - 08:54
Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to Minecraft   VG247 - 08:48
Watch the Halo Nightfall Comic-Con panel here   CVG - 08:48

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Unused The Last of Us epilogue scene revealed   CVG - 08:25
The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene - 07:52

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Halo producer wants to “transform” how we “experience” master Chief   VG247 - 07:15
148Apps round-up: Meerkatz Challenge, Cultures, and Helmut   Pocket Gamer - 07:09
Looks like two more mega evolutions are coming to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire   VG247 - 06:26
Four freerunners hit the rooftops in new Assassin’s Creen: Unity promo   VG247 - 05:56
The Last of Us secret ending scene revealed   VG247 - 05:40

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Destiny really does have the best skies of any video game   VG247 - 05:19
These Pokemon pick up lines probably won’t get you laid   VG247 - 05:06
Take a look at one of Destiny’s new Crucible maps   VG247 - 04:51
Five minutes of shaky Halo: The Master Chief Collection footage escapes SDCC   VG247 - 04:25
Yes, FIFA 15 will have a Transfer Market   VG247 - 03:03
Get The Mass Effect Trilogy for $10 On PC at GameStop, And Other Console Bundle Deals   Gamespot - 02:30
Assassin’s Creed: Unity is three times as big as AC4   VG247 - 02:25
This Destiny beta footage came from the moon   Joystiq - 02:00
A grenade isn’t just a grenade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare   VG247 - 01:54
GaymerX in dire straits after NIS America allegedly pulls pledge   Joystiq - 01:40

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The Destiny “beta was water wings”, months of “compelling content” in final game   VG247 - 01:37
Ellie discusses punching Joel and other The Last of Us secrets   VG247 - 01:19
Video: 23 minutes of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment   CVG - 01:19
Can You Spot the Difference Between the Original Halo 2 and the Anniversary Edition?   Gamespot - 01:16
Only If Review   Gamespot - 01:15
The lighter side of murder with Jenny LeClue   Joystiq - 01:00
Halo’s Zanzibar map sure has changed over the years   VG247 - 00:52
Bik, a retro-style adventure game, coming to Google Play and App Store on August 14th   Pocket Gamer - 00:50
The Last of Us: Remastered - PS4 vs. PS3 Graphics Comparison   Gamespot - 00:43
Destiny Beta - Rare Moon Mission and Final Beta Reactions   Gamespot - 00:23
Download Payday: The Heist free on October 18   CVG - 00:22
GS News - Rainbow Gaystation Unveiled; Are PCs “decimating” consoles?   Gamespot - 00:00
Live Look: Gods Will Be Watching   Joystiq - 00:00


Spot the pairs in Tap Two, a timed matching game   Pocket Gamer - 23:54
NeonXSZ begins descent to Steam August 22   Joystiq - 23:30
New Destiny map 'Twilight Gap' revealed in video   CVG - 23:26
Give me a deluxe apartment in Destiny's sky   Joystiq - 23:00
Quick Look: Velvet Sundown   Gamespot - 23:00
Building a PC: Everything You Need to Know About Monitors   Gamespot - 22:34
Stained developer no longer issuing Steam keys to bundle buyers   Joystiq - 22:30
Game Over - 22:29
Report: Soon There Will Be a "Gamer" LEGO Minifigure   Gamespot - 22:19
HBO documentary on gaming addiction, Love Child, airs tonight   Joystiq - 22:00
Baby's Freaky Day Out in Among the Sleep - House of Horrors   Gamespot - 21:59
Killer Instinct Classic 2 outed on Korean ratings board - 21:58
Check out this amazing Corvo Attano action figure while you wait for Dishonored 2   GamesRadar - 21:45
GS News Update: Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced for August   Gamespot - 21:26
Platinum Games reveals Legend of Korra gameplay - 21:19
Gears of War Creator Opened a Beautiful Bar in North Carolina, Has Plans for Another   Gamespot - 21:13
Diesel jeans files opposition to Dieselstormers trademark   Joystiq - 21:00
Report: More Competitive Gaming Coverage Coming to ESPN   Gamespot - 20:35
Killer Instinct Classic 2 for Xbox One outed by Game Rating Board   Joystiq - 20:30
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - Villains Trailer   Gamespot - 20:29
Dishonored and Motocross Madness come to Games with Gold - 20:19
Quick Look: Firefall   Gamespot - 20:00
Joystiq Deals: Bluetooth Shower Speaker, AviiQ earbuds   Joystiq - 20:00
Mako Confirmed for Next Mass Effect - GS News Update   Gamespot - 19:48
Doom comes to this ATM, courtesy Australian hackers   Joystiq - 19:30
The Last of Us PS4 Both Far Exceeds and Is Restricted By Its PS3 Origins, Analysis Finds   Gamespot - 19:11
Rise of Incarnates beta causes carnage next week   Joystiq - 19:00
Bravely Default's Strong Sales Continue, Reach 1 Million Worldwide   Gamespot - 18:55
Rust dev reveals new game 'Riftlight'   CVG - 18:41
Beautiful Last of Us PS4 System Revealed by Naughty Dog   Gamespot - 18:30
Rust Fans Angry Over Dev's New Project; Dev Says Rust Continuing as Planned   Gamespot - 18:30
Device 6 developer drops anchor on The Sailor's Dream   Joystiq - 18:30
Waiting for Destiny: Games that remind us of Bungie's next franchise   Joystiq - 18:00
Mega Man X - Megabit   Gamespot - 17:45
$60 Xbox Fitness P90X Program Now Available on Xbox One   Gamespot - 17:36
The Last of Us Remastered Review Roundup   Gamespot - 17:30
Excuse me while I kiss the skybox: Timelapse footage of Destiny's skies   Joystiq - 17:30
The Sailor's Dream is Simogo's newly announced challenge-free dream voyage coming to iOS   Pocket Gamer - 17:08
Cliff Bleszinski opened a pub - 17:01
Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball dated for all systems   Joystiq - 17:00
John Romero: 'PC is decimating console' - 16:55
Kasedo's strategy-RPG Crowntakers launching for PC, tablets this year   Joystiq - 16:30
As one Portal 2 mod gathers support, another is slammed for not being free   CVG - 16:27
Hurry if you want this awesome limited edition Assassin’s Creed Unity poster   VG247 - 16:21
Twitch Plays Pokemon is now playing Pokemon X with a modified 3D   Pocket Gamer - 16:17
Simogo reveals seafaring adventure The Sailor's Dream - 16:05
The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle headed exclusively to Canada   Joystiq - 16:00
NES Remix getting disc-based release in US   CVG - 15:57
Tekken X Street Fighter hasn’t been canned, insists Harada - 15:50
Xbox Games with Gold: Dishonored, Strike Suit Zero   Joystiq - 15:30
This ‘GayStation’ PS4 can be yours – if you’re feeling very charitable   VG247 - 15:24
EU Nintendo eShop update   CVG - 15:16
Watch and absorb the entire lore of Warcraft - 15:15
You'll be able to craft Link's equipment in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS   Pocket Gamer - 14:52
The Last of Us, Halo and Firefly Online: all the news from San Diego Comic-Con   VG247 - 14:50
The Last of Us Remastered video shows off Photo Mode   CVG - 14:38
The Chuckle Brothers are in Half-Life mod Black Mesa   VG247 - 14:37
Watch The Last of Us' Ellie reminisce about pushing around another Joel   Joystiq - 14:15
ET burial trailer unearths lost stories of industry crash   CVG - 14:10
Watch The Last of Us Joel & Ellie Actors Recall Working on the Game   Gamespot - 14:03
Enterchained will turn gladiatorial combat into a deathly dance on iOS and Android   Pocket Gamer - 13:59
NES Remix 1 and 2 getting disc-based compilation - 13:31
TwichPlaysPokemon heads to Pokemon X/Y   VG247 - 13:27