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Microsoft Q3 – $20.4 billion in revenue reported   VG247 - 21:03

In the last half-hour

Pac-Man Monsters is... a match-three puzzle RPG?   Pocket Gamer - 20:52
Tales of Zestiria screenshots show various game locations   VG247 - 20:44

In the last hour

Ryse 'Duel of Fates' DLC released   CVG - 20:34
ESA report: 59% of US’ers play games, females 18+ represent 36% of gamers   VG247 - 20:24
US PS Plus updates in May: Pro Evo, Limbo, Stick it to the Man   CVG - 20:08

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Goat Simulator to rampage across the UK in boxed release   Joystiq - 20:00
The Denpa Men 3: Rise of the Digitoll release date set for May   VG247 - 19:59
Titanfall: Expedition maps detailed, screens released   VG247 - 19:45
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace adds free Gravity Rush DLC   Pocket Gamer - 19:44
Titanfall 'War Games' DLC map revealed - first screens and info   CVG - 19:31
End of Serenity launching for PSP on PSN in North America this summer   VG247 - 19:29

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Take an Expedition into Titanfall's War Games map   Joystiq - 19:00
Titanfall's first DLC map shown off in new images   Gamespot - 18:59
The Making of Child of Light - Part 3   Gamespot - 18:48
CoD: Ghosts personalization DLC and Snoop voice released - trailer   CVG - 18:44
Report: Facebook head sought Project Morpheus demo before buying Oculus VR   Joystiq - 18:30
PlayStation Plus free games of May for PS4, PS3 and Vita announced   Gamespot - 18:07
Omni-directional virtual reality treadmill dev raises $3 million   Gamespot - 18:04
Zynga Q1 financials note $61m loss, decline in Daily and Monthly Active Users   VG247 - 18:02
Joystiq Streams: Giveaways and The Wolf Among Us   Joystiq - 18:00
Like Clash of Clans? You'll love The Clash of Clans Community   Pocket Gamer - 17:45
New Nintendo eShop releases: NES Remix 2, Child of Light, Yoshi's Island GBA   Joystiq - 17:30
Ryse: Son of Rome – Duel of Fates add-on pack released   VG247 - 17:28
Saints Row publisher will release Goat Simulator as a boxed product in the UK   Gamespot - 17:28
Titanfall Expedition DLC gets first screenshots - 17:26
Blacklight: Retribution PS4 updated with new map, double XP weekend   VG247 - 17:23
Epic working on high-end console game   CVG - 17:22

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Botanicula to bring joy, wonder to iPad next week - 17:05
Child of Light receives third making of video ‘A Modern Fairy Tale’   VG247 - 17:02
Minimum Mixes Titans, DOTA, and Crafting   Gamespot - 17:00
Hitman Go review: The game of death   Joystiq - 17:00
Call of Duty: Ghosts XBL players can now download six new personalization packs   VG247 - 16:56
Soul Calibur: Lost Swords technical issues cause launch delay in the Americas   VG247 - 16:50
Minecraft Realms is now live in North America   VG247 - 16:43
State of Decay April 23 PC patch is a whopper - 16:38
Plax is an upcoming iOS arcade survival game that's tough as old nails   Pocket Gamer - 16:35
Bloodrayne Betrayal coming to PC next week, Japanese tease was port   Joystiq - 16:30
State of Decay patched on Steam for PC   VG247 - 16:27
Ico-esque adventure The Girl and the Robot is coming to PS4 - 16:27
Majority of parents say video games are a positive part of their child's life   Gamespot - 16:15
Unreal Engine 4 now supports SteamOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One   VG247 - 16:08
Gone Home and Papers, Please sweep Games For Change Awards   Joystiq - 16:00
Goat Simulator heading to retail in the UK on May 23   VG247 - 15:59
The Pocket Gamer Podcast - Live on Twitch tonight!   Pocket Gamer - 15:59
Only Eve Online could warrant a history book - 15:58
Fable Legends shows off lighting, new monsters   CVG - 15:58
Kick-Ass 2 the game will be released on PC in May   VG247 - 15:41
Goat Simulator is getting a boxed release - 15:35
US Nintendo eShop update: Child of Light, NES Remix 2   CVG - 15:34
State of Decay PC patch released   CVG - 15:31
Attempt to save the Earth in The Sandbox's new Ecology Campaign update   Pocket Gamer - 15:28
The Girl and the Robot will be released on PlayStation 4   VG247 - 15:20
Lords of the Fall screens show enemies, consequences of opening a chest   VG247 - 15:09
Xbox One Gears of War game will use "bleeding edge" rendering techniques for "best in class" visuals   Gamespot - 15:05
Wolfenstein: The New Order Twitch live stream set for this evening   VG247 - 15:01
Yoshi Wii Remote Plus coming to Europe alongside Mario Kart 8   Joystiq - 15:00
The Changes at Sony's Studios Aren't Anything to Worry About...Yet   Gamespot - 15:00
True Axis updates Gold Award-winning True Skate with new Double Infinity level   Pocket Gamer - 14:55
Killzone Shadow Fall update released   CVG - 14:54
Apple Q2 – iPad sales down yoy, life-to-date unit sales hit 210 million   VG247 - 14:52
Experience Evolve's 4 vs 1 gameplay from all perspectives - 14:40
Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home   CVG - 14:33
Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles confirmed for the UK, but what about the US?   Gamespot - 14:32
Developer of Sony's F2P zombie MMO H1Z1 promises "fair" monetisation - 14:31
Kemco's latest old-school RPG Fortuna Magus has just surfaced on iOS at a discounted price   Pocket Gamer - 14:23
Landmark tester updated with new tool upgrading system, claim search   VG247 - 14:22
Platform-locked Ground Zeroes content going multiplatform for free   CVG - 14:21
Resident Evil 2 remake project shown off with promising videos   Gamespot - 14:15
Gears of War creator working on a high-end game that will "push next-generation graphics"   Gamespot - 14:15
Nintendo US eShop update, April 24: Mario Golf: World Tour demo, NES Remix 2, Child of Light   VG247 - 14:12
Design us a monster for Evolve, win awesome prizes   GamesRadar - 14:11
Capcom confirms name of brand-new 3DS Ace Attorney game in Japanese trailer   Pocket Gamer - 14:06
Ground Zeroes DLC to be made available to all - 13:54
[Update] Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sega's Gold Award-winning kart-'em-up, is free right now on iOS and Android   Pocket Gamer - 13:52
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed now free to download on iOS, Android   VG247 - 13:48
GameStop may one day accept smartwatches and music players for trade-in   Gamespot - 13:33
Free-to-play footy management sim One For Eleven blasts onto iOS and Android   Pocket Gamer - 13:14

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New Evolve gameplay video released   CVG - 13:07
Apple sold 43.7 million iPhones in the past three months -- How many did you buy?   Gamespot - 13:05
Evolve: new trailer shows off a 4v1 battle with commentary   VG247 - 13:04
Evolve - Sixth Channel 4 v 1 Trailer   Gamespot - 13:00
Xbox One/PS4/PC game Evolve gets a cool interactive gameplay trailer   Gamespot - 13:00
Auro, a tactical game about pushing people into the sea from the dev of Empire, is set to hit iOS and Android on July 1st   Pocket Gamer - 12:56
Nintendo reveals Mario, Luigi, Peach & Yoshi-themed WiiMotes, out May   VG247 - 12:40
Tiny Dice Dungeon is a luck pushing free-to-play RPG with Pokémon elements that's out now for iPad and iPhone   Pocket Gamer - 12:30
Fable Legends: Xbox One shots show new enemy type, lush environments   VG247 - 12:26
Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – £249 Special Edition Wii U hardware bundle is official - 12:21
Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U hardware bundle is official, £249 - 12:21
Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U hardware bundle is official - 12:21
Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundles announced   CVG - 12:21
Mario Kart 8 Wii U premium console bundle announced, pack shot inside   VG247 - 12:11
Richard & Alice: adventure game from Starbound writer coming to Steam, new trailer inside   VG247 - 12:00
Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles unveiled for Europe   Joystiq - 12:00
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes DLC coming free on PS3, PS4 & Xbox 360 next month   VG247 - 11:58
MGS 5: Ground Zeroes' PlayStation mission will be coming to Xbox, Xbox mission coming to PlayStation   Gamespot - 11:45
Minecraft: PS4 Edition release targeting Q2/Q3 - 11:41
Horde of Heroes is a free-to-play match-three RPG for iPad and iPhone that's out right now   Pocket Gamer - 11:27
XCOM Enemy Unknown released on Android   CVG - 11:24