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New in the last hour

Unreal Tournament concept level shown off in video   CVG - 17:24
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition announced - 17:23
Trials Fusion soars past 1 million sales barrier - 17:08
Bayonetta 2 is 100% authentic, 100% crazy spectacle   GamesRadar - 17:05
Beefy Goron leader cracks skulls in Hyrule Warriors   GamesRadar - 17:05
Sony has 'big plans' for DriveClub at Gamescom - 17:02
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review   Gamespot - 17:01
The latest game to sell over 1 million copies is Trials Fusion   VG247 - 17:00
Paying Your Way Ahead: Are Premium In-Game Boosts Fair or Foul?   Gamespot - 17:00

In the last 2 hours

Trine Enchanted Edition hits PC, coming to PS4 and Wii U   CVG - 16:42
There will be a Tomodachi Life stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS   VG247 - 16:38
Square Enix summer mobile sale on Android offers classic Final Fantasy games for cheap   Pocket Gamer - 16:31
Titanfall adds 'Black Market' and in-game currency system   Joystiq - 16:30
[Update] Traps n' Gemstones is a cute Metroidvania for iOS and Android, from Donut Games   Pocket Gamer - 16:23
Obsidian broaches the subject of KOTOR 3 “every three to six months”   VG247 - 16:16
Kickstarter-funded game developer at heart of Airbnb squatter scandal   Joystiq - 16:04
Episode 1 of Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery stamps its mark onto Android   Pocket Gamer - 16:01
Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura re-imagines Batman - 16:01

In the last 4 hours

Thomas Was Alone released on Android tablets, iPhone   CVG - 15:56
You can now get the conclusion to Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse on Android   Pocket Gamer - 15:52
Watch The Last of Us' New PS4/PS3 DLC Reveal Stream Here   Gamespot - 15:45
Table Tennis Touch is one of our favourite iOS games of 2014 so far and it's currently going cheap   Pocket Gamer - 15:42
Alien Isolation video interviews original film's cast   CVG - 15:37
Action stealth game CounterSpy sneaks onto Vita in late August at £9.99   Pocket Gamer - 15:27
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer gets 46 new cards in Rise of Vigil expansion pack   Pocket Gamer - 15:26
Restricted chat has increased win rate for a number of League of Legends players   VG247 - 15:14
PS4 Gets Another System Update Next Week, This One for 3D Blu-Rays   Gamespot - 15:12
Theory of everything: Destiny is the real next-gen   VG247 - 15:08
New Nintendo eShop releases: Siesta Fiesta, Wooden Sen'sey, Master Reboot   Joystiq - 15:00
50 games arrive today - 14:55
New Bayonetta 2 multiplayer screens released   CVG - 14:55
Intrepid PC gamers host DOOM LAN-party on Mt. Elbert   VG247 - 14:19
Intrepid PC gamers host DOOM LAN-party on Mt. Everest   VG247 - 14:19
Dark Souls 2 'Crown of the Sunken King' review: Lost and crowned   Joystiq - 14:15
Pillars of Eternity, Baldur's Gate, and Toeing the Line Between Homage and Clone   Gamespot - 14:00

In the last 8 hours

Alone no more: Thomas Was Alone is joined by iPhone and Android versions   Pocket Gamer - 13:21
The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode teased with screen   CVG - 13:12
Traps n' Gemstones is a cute Metroidvania for iPhone and iPad, from Donut Games   Pocket Gamer - 13:08
New Scalebound info coming next week - 13:01
Disney Infinity 2.0 hits North America on September 23.0   Joystiq - 13:00
Xbox One August update alters boot screen   CVG - 12:47
The Last of Us Remastered's Photo Mode sure does look pretty - 12:38
Will GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One release November 7th?   VG247 - 12:38
Take a virtual tour of an Unreal Tournament redux map   VG247 - 12:30
Is 2K teasing a BioShock announcement? - 12:29
GAME to launch Vita digital software range   CVG - 12:01
Hideo Kojima is hanging out at Comic Con and takings cool photos   VG247 - 12:00
Akiba's Trip 2 brings the full monty, including PS4, to North America   Joystiq - 12:00
GAME now selling Vita game download codes - 11:40
Twitch adds Host Mode to provide round-the-clock programming opportunities   CVG - 11:33
Titanfall: Frontier's Edge releases on Xbox One & PC next week - 11:30
This is what GTA Online Heists could look like   VG247 - 11:30
Xbox One is getting a minor change to its boot screen - 11:11
Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC confirmed   CVG - 11:10
Quake’s original ad campaign featured a giant pie   VG247 - 11:00
Final Fantasy's Tetsuya Nomura envisions a new Batman   Joystiq - 11:00
Sony agrees to $15m settlement following 2011 PSN hack - 10:37
Sony to offer free games, PS Plus subs in $15m PSN hack settlement - 10:35
New Oculus Rift dev kit begins shipping   CVG - 10:35
Turn Michael into Chop! How to mod GTA 5 characters via USB   VG247 - 10:33
Honest Trailer takes on Pokemon, is completely hilarious   VG247 - 10:00
PlayStation 4 gets 3D Blu-ray support next week   Joystiq - 10:00

In the last 12 hours

Titanfall adds in-game currency – but Respawn promises to stay away from microtransactions - 09:51
Sony agrees to $15 million settlement over 2011 PSN data breach   CVG - 09:49
Appointment with F.E.A.R. is Tin Man Games's next Fighting Fantasy adaptation for iOS and Android   Pocket Gamer - 09:48
MLG suspends pro Call of Duty player over “repeated harassment”   VG247 - 09:38
Analogue stick added to Steam controller   CVG - 09:26
Valve adds thumbstick to latest Steam controller protoype - 09:14
GTA Online jobs hark back to GTA 3, GTA 4, Vice City and San Andreas   VG247 - 09:02
PS4 system update 1.75 introduces 3D Blu-ray support next week - 08:59
Will the dream of a new Tenchu game finally become reality?   VG247 - 08:57
The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition is free for everyone   CVG - 08:31
Titanfall adds in-game currency, ability to buy Burn Card packs - 08:21
PS4 update to add 3D Blu-ray support next week   CVG - 08:21
Why Destiny isn’t “just a generic shooter”   VG247 - 08:01
You can nab a slice of Sony’s $15 million PSN outage settlement   VG247 - 06:20

The rest of today's news

Do you want to look at 166 screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered?   VG247 - 04:25
Soon, the PS4 will be able to play Blu-rays in 3D   VG247 - 04:14
Destiny Ghost Edition in such short supply that pre-orders are being cancelled   VG247 - 04:01
This is how Batman would look as a Final Fantasy character   VG247 - 03:45
How Call of Duty helped catch a robber   VG247 - 03:34
Jazzy noir stealth game, Third Eye Crime, lands on Steam   Joystiq - 02:30
A bad moon is rising in Lords of the Fallen footage   VG247 - 02:20
No more QQ – Persona Q has a western release date   VG247 - 02:02
Not even spies suspect a thing when Octodad goes to a party   Joystiq - 02:00
Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection entirely free   VG247 - 01:48
Titanfall now has in-game currency – but microtransactions are not on the cards   VG247 - 01:33
Average US Game Dev Made $83k in 2013; Females Made 14% Less Than Males   Gamespot - 01:32
The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection free through Origin this week   Joystiq - 01:30
Hohokum gameplay trailer leads August 12 launch   CVG - 01:12
Bombs and Barrages in Daggerstone Pass, WildStar's Newest Battleground   Gamespot - 01:05
Gods will be launching tomorrow, prepare with trailer   Joystiq - 01:00
This Xbox ghost story is the nicest thing you’ll read all day   VG247 - 00:48
Titanfall gets new 'Black Market' and in-game 'Credits' systems   CVG - 00:32
Hohokum launch trailer is just the right amount of weird   Joystiq - 00:30
Build your own Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi   VG247 - 00:20
Even Ellie from The Last of Us thinks the lack of women in Assassin’s Creed is bullshit   VG247 - 00:03
GS News - PS4 Gets A System Update; Xbox One Sales Figures Unveiled!   Gamespot - 00:00