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Remember the original GTA poster? It was pretty cool   VG247 - 11:37

In the last half-hour

Dungelot 3 will not be a free to play game, but it will have animations according to a Twitter post by Red Winter Studios   Pocket Gamer - 11:28

In the last hour

UK pirates will merely receive warnings from next year   CVG - 11:15
Project Cars' dynamic weather shown off in new screens - 11:08
Money can’t buy these customised Xbox One consoles   VG247 - 11:00
Sheik confirmed to appear in Hyrule Warriors   CVG - 10:55

In the last 2 hours

Halo composer wins legal battle against Bungie   CVG - 10:41
Five Chinese Dota 2 players win $5m - 10:38
Schoolboy penis joke employed in Japanese Vita marketing   VG247 - 10:37
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screen comparison points to monster upgrade   VG247 - 10:23
Bungie forced to pay $95k to ex-Halo, Destiny composer - 10:17
Modern Combat 5 cracked by early-access contest winner and released onto the web   Pocket Gamer - 10:10
Videos: the making of Assassin's Creed Unity   CVG - 10:01
Wii U update adds system-to-system transfers   Joystiq - 10:00
Final Watch Dogs ‘E3 2012 demo’ mod released   VG247 - 09:58

In the last 4 hours

Halo: Nightfall gets first character image   VG247 - 09:47
Only the apocalypse would stop Borderlands 3 from happening - 09:46
Gallery: Hearthstone's new Naxxramas cards in full   CVG - 09:39
First Destiny 1080p Xbox One video released   CVG - 09:32
Check out every Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas card ahead of today’s launch   VG247 - 09:29
PS4 system update 1.74 improves stability, coming soon - 09:07
PS4 system update 1.74 coming soon   CVG - 09:01
Minecraft and LBP are influencing the new game from The Sims creator   VG247 - 09:00
Destiny beta down for maintenance - 08:58
Britain just decriminalised online game piracy   VG247 - 08:39
Wii U system update enables data transfer from one console to another   CVG - 08:39
Wii U system update lets you transfer data between consoles - 08:25
Take a break in Destiny's beta   Joystiq - 08:00

In the last 8 hours

The Last of Us threatrical performance announced - 07:50
Newbee wins record $5m prize to become Grand Champions at The International   VG247 - 07:15
The Phantom PI wins first place at Big Indie Pitch in San Francisco   Pocket Gamer - 07:04
New Hearthstone Naxxramas Cards Revealed   Gamespot - 07:00
Minecraft players are dicks (according to this video)   VG247 - 06:53
You can now port your games and data between Wii U consoles   VG247 - 06:30
Early access winners crack game, distribute it for piracy   VG247 - 04:09

In the last 12 hours

This is now how Destiny looks on Xbox One – yet   VG247 - 03:49
Toxic League of Legends players will be named, shamed and permanently banned   VG247 - 03:23
Destiny producer’s secret message took 17 years to surface   VG247 - 03:00
LittleBigPlanet follow up revealed via the wonderful medium of rendering errors   VG247 - 02:41
Facebook's acquisition of Oculus is now official   Joystiq - 02:00
Heroes of the Storm Dev Discusses New Warcraft Hero, Upcoming Map, and Making the Game Unique   Gamespot - 01:30
Facebook Oculus acquisition has finalized   CVG - 01:17
The Last of Us is now a theatre experience   VG247 - 01:14
Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage to star alongside Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders   VG247 - 01:02
Watch 20 Players Take on a Giant End Game Boss in Firefall   Gamespot - 00:48
Yager and Spec Ops: The Line are never, ever, ever getting back together   VG247 - 00:44
Newbee wins first place, $5 million in Dota 2 International   Joystiq - 00:30
How does Destiny PS3 compare to PS4?   VG247 - 00:26
Pro Gaming Team Wins $5 Million in Dota 2 International Championship   Gamespot - 00:15
Wayward Manor Review   Gamespot - 00:07
Happy 50th birthday, Ryu!   Joystiq - 00:00


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Screenshot Comparison Shows 3DS Remakes' Improved Visuals   Gamespot - 23:49
Destiny pre-orders get early access to Vanguard weapons - video   CVG - 23:31
Tetris Ultimate stacks exclusive challenge modes on 3DS   Joystiq - 23:30
Hori's 3DS accessory gives one hand a second circle pad   Joystiq - 23:00
GS News Update: Newbee Wins The International 4   Gamespot - 22:49
Exclusive Xbox One designs to appear at Comic Con   Joystiq - 22:30
The Last of Us spawns one-night only, live stage show   Joystiq - 22:00
News of the next PS4 firmware update is coming soon   VG247 - 21:56
Not considering The Last of Us 2 “would be a disservice to ourselves and fans,” says developer   VG247 - 21:33
Assassin’s Creed: Unity has not one, but four different pre-order bonuses   VG247 - 21:11
Watch Ocarina of Time get crushed in 18 minutes, Metroid Prime in 55   Joystiq - 21:00
Destiny beta goes offline for two days   CVG - 20:55
Here’s what you get if you pre-order Destiny   VG247 - 20:45
Joystiq Deals: PS4 Battlefield Bundle Giveaway, Wii Fit U   Joystiq - 20:30
DCUO team celebrates 75 years of Batman with special video series   CVG - 20:25
Assassin's Creed Unity Preorder Bonuses   Gamespot - 20:18
Watch this charming live-instrument cover of the Banjo Kazooie intro   VG247 - 20:14
Analog - 3 Beautiful Worlds to Delve Into after Child of Light   Gamespot - 20:00
Pre-order Destiny, earn a trip to the Vanguard Armory   Joystiq - 20:00
Is the new X-Wing fighter going to be in upcoming Star Wars games?   VG247 - 19:44
Tetris Ultimate confirmed for 3DS   CVG - 19:40
Media Molecule teases PS4 project in glitchy video   CVG - 19:31
Something new under the Sunset at Tale of Tales   Joystiq - 19:30
Action-packed tower defense Alien Creeps announced with flashy new trailer   Pocket Gamer - 19:27
Dota 2 International finals are happening today and you can watch them here   VG247 - 19:11
PSA: Destiny beta is down for two days   Joystiq - 19:00
Destiny Preorder Bonuses   Gamespot - 18:53
Street Fighter’s Ryu is 50 years old today   VG247 - 18:33
Destiny makes its 1080p Xbox One premiere   Joystiq - 18:30
MouseCraft Review   Gamespot - 18:02
Watch the Dota 2 International Grand Finals right now   Joystiq - 17:57
Does the game have microtransactions? It will no longer be called ‘free’   VG247 - 17:55
The Last of Us: One Night Live performance set for July 28   CVG - 17:54
Yogventures dev breaks down costs of a Kickstarter failure   Joystiq - 17:45
Here's gameplay footage of Destiny running at 1080p on Xbox One - 17:26
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty reviews travel forward in time   VG247 - 17:21
Naughty Dog exploring The Last of Us sequel ideas   CVG - 17:08
Destiny beta now offline, opens back to Xbox owners on Wednesday   VG247 - 16:58
Naughty Dog aiming for 1080p, 60fps for all future PS4 games   CVG - 16:50
F2P Horus Heresy: Drop Assault looks like the unholy union of Warhammer 40,000 and Clash of Clans   Pocket Gamer - 16:30
Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy hits Vita this week in the US   CVG - 16:20
PS4 system update news coming 'very soon' - 16:04
Sims dev Maxis working on Minecraft-inspired F2P game   CVG - 15:58
Dance Central Spotlight dated, will cost $10   CVG - 15:44
RuPaul's Drag Race: Dragopolis 2 goes mobile soon   Joystiq - 15:30
Remastered's photo mode coming in day one patch - 15:29
Uncharted 4 is targeting 1080p/ 60fps   VG247 - 15:23
From Baldur’s Gate to Syphon Filter: 14 games that need a HD remake   VG247 - 15:16
Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition includes Ultimate Kaos Trap & exclusive characters - 15:10
We're streaming a Modern Combat Retrospective live on Twitch at 5pm BST / 9am PDT   Pocket Gamer - 15:02