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Watch Dogs will be one of the “best-selling new IPs in recent memory,” says Ubisoft   VG247 - 16:21

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Telltale is bringing The Walking Dead Season 2 to Vita next week, at long last   Pocket Gamer - 15:59

In the last hour

Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will jump from PSP to Vita shortly   Pocket Gamer - 15:54
Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel universe characters coming in August – report   VG247 - 15:53
Frontier buys Elite rights from IT firm, Braben to sell 1.6 million shares in company   VG247 - 15:43
US Nintendo eShop update: Super Mario Bros. 3, Golden Sun   CVG - 15:38
Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories coming to PS Vita   VG247 - 15:33
PlayStation Now enabled Sony TVs launching in June   CVG - 15:27

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Disney brings Chinese Swampy spin-off to the west with Where's My Water? Featuring XYY   Pocket Gamer - 15:17
Nintendo US eShop update, April 17 – Super Mario Bros. 3, Golden Sun, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity   VG247 - 15:13
"My dream is to make everyone love games," says Journey dev   Gamespot - 15:01
'Every Action Counts' in space shooter Galak-Z   Joystiq - 15:00
MLB 14: The Show - Best Season Ever Trailer   Gamespot - 15:00
The Walking Dead Season 2 dated for Vita   CVG - 14:45
Square Enix digital sale discounts Tomb Raider, Thief, FF8, more   VG247 - 14:43
Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous gets even more ridiculous with the Brimstone Pinball DLC   Pocket Gamer - 14:35
Two Silent Hill games coming to PlayStation Vita in Europe, no word on US release   Gamespot - 14:35
Curses 'N Chaos waves in reveal trailer   Joystiq - 14:30

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Charlie Brooker to appear in Sniper Elite 3   VG247 - 14:26
Disney Infinity 2.0 debuts in August with Marvel characters - report - 14:26
The Walking Dead: Season 2 comes to PS Vita on April 23 - 14:24
Big Indie Pitch winner Voxel Rush: 3D Racer now available for free on iOS and Android   Pocket Gamer - 14:18
Risen 3: Titan Lords teaser video is short and full of beastly action   VG247 - 14:16
The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episodes 1 and 2 land on Vita next week   VG247 - 14:10
Sony updates Easter PS Store sale with BF4, Need for Speed: Rivals, Dead Island, more   VG247 - 14:04
Bridge Constructor Medieval is set to topple onto iOS and Android on May 1st   Pocket Gamer - 14:00
Silent Hill: Origins & Shattered Memories heading to PS Vita - 14:00
Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Origins coming to PSN   CVG - 14:00
Origins and Shattered Memories headed to Vita - 13:51
Ubisoft CEO actually rides motorcycles, but he doesn't do backflips like in Trials Fusion   Gamespot - 13:43
Curses 'N Chaos is an explosive retro-style 2D brawler for Vita from the Wizorb dev   Pocket Gamer - 13:32
Season Two headed to Vita next week - 13:29
PS4 versions of Battlefield 4 and NFS Rivals discounted on PSN   CVG - 13:27
Xbox/PlayStation/PC game Sniper Elite 3 getting level featuring UK star Charlie Brooker, you may be able to shoot him   Gamespot - 13:04
PES Manager announced for iOS & Android - 13:02
Japan gets Niconico PS4 streaming on April 30   Joystiq - 13:00
Disney Infinity 2.0 to release in August - 12:56
Charlie Brooker has a role in Sniper Elite 3 - 12:43
Report: Nintendo said no thanks to partnership with Activision for Skylanders--a franchise now worth $2 billion   Gamespot - 12:33

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Survival horror Siren returns as manga adaptation   VG247 - 12:25
New deals added to PlayStation Network Easter sale   CVG - 12:24
Has Activision cancelled The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Xbox One?   Gamespot - 12:21
InFamous: Second Son patch introduces Photo Mode - 12:16
Team 17 to publisher Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark   VG247 - 12:14
Microsoft trademarks 'Screamride' online game title   CVG - 11:40
NCsoft pumps $4.8m into web comics company   VG247 - 11:39
Sony details PS4 digital preloading, video editing, and HDCP off features coming in 1.70 update   Gamespot - 11:30
Machinarium manufacturer Amanita Design will release Botanicula on iPad in May   Pocket Gamer - 11:28
Naughty Dog looking into Last of Us PS3 to PS4 upgrade discount - 11:21
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft out now worldwide on iPad - 11:02
Mercenary Kings studio reveals new game with trailer   CVG - 11:00
Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 removed from official site   VG247 - 10:56
Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle spotted online   Gamespot - 10:45
Polymer, Fixpoint Production's Silver Award-winning blobby block sliding colour puzzle, is finally out for Android   Pocket Gamer - 10:36
Amazing Spider-Man 2 reportedly delayed on Xbox One   CVG - 10:15
PS4 has sold 7 million units worldwide - 10:14
You can shoot Charlie Brooker in Sniper Elite 3 - 10:07
Sony wanted a PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall - 10:07
Tekken Card Tournament gets new skins & items in May   VG247 - 10:05
Deadlight now free for Xbox Live Gold members   Joystiq - 10:00
1849, SomaSim's gold rush set city building sim, is set to hit iPad and Android tablets on May 8th   Pocket Gamer - 09:44
Ultra Street Fighter 4 opening movie released   CVG - 09:40
PS4 System Update 1.70 will include ShareFactory, HDCP off switch and more - 09:35
Amazing Spider-Man 2 cancelled on Xbox One? - 09:35
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer recreated in Grand Theft Auto 5   VG247 - 09:29
Video: How Alien Isolation stays true to Ridley Scott's film   CVG - 09:15
Lancarse’s PS3 & Vita RPG is called Lost Dimension, release set for August   VG247 - 09:14
Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle on the way? - 09:13
Gamescom 2014 tickets are now on sale   VG247 - 08:57
Watch Dogs programmer: “Frame rate is very important to the gameplay”   VG247 - 08:37
The Last of Us PS4 discount for PS3 owners not ruled out   CVG - 08:35
It looks like there'll be a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle - 08:31

In the last 12 hours

Minecraft PS3 Edition: new trailer shows 4-player split-screen mode   VG247 - 08:19
The latest Rocksmith 2014 DLC is Garbage (in a good way)   Joystiq - 08:00
InFamous: Second Son art shows powers that never made it passed concept stage   VG247 - 07:58
Wii U Mario Kart 8 hardware bundle reportedly planned   CVG - 07:53
Sony “looking into” The Last of Us: Remastered discount for PS3 owners   VG247 - 07:43
PlayStation 4 update 1.70 detailed, will let you pre-load games - 07:30
Final Skylanders Swap Force character debuting next week at Times Square   Joystiq - 07:30
PS4 update to add video capture editing tools   CVG - 07:28
Ransack Steam for War of the Vikings   Joystiq - 07:00
PS4 update coming soon, adds ShareFactory video editing suite, removes HDCP   VG247 - 05:21
Ultra Street 4 opening cinematic and special trailer released   VG247 - 05:02

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New BloodRayne teased by fighting game studio   Joystiq - 03:00
Alien: Isolation embraces 1979 aesthetics in new developer diary   VG247 - 02:56
EverQuest Next – Landmark update adds glass windows   VG247 - 02:15
Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta coming in May   VG247 - 02:03
Steam's Daily Deal offers System Shock 2 at half price   Joystiq - 02:00
Oculus founder says Facebook acquisition will make sense “a year from now”   VG247 - 01:26
Titanfall was prototyped on Ratchet & Clank engine   VG247 - 01:09
Surreal open-world horror game Grave is coming to Xbox One - 01:08
Eufloria Adventures hits PS Mobile this week   Joystiq - 01:00
Chaos Reborn Kickstarter from X-COM creator succeeds   CVG - 00:50
GS News Update: South Park: The Stick of Truth drops to $40 a month after release   Gamespot - 00:48
Blizzard's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft finally arrives on global iPad store   Gamespot - 00:35
Chaos Reborn funded, births in 2015   Joystiq - 00:30
PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide - 00:26
The Evil Within screenshots are grimy and mysterious   CVG - 00:18
Curses ‘n Chaos reveal trailer shows off Mercenary Kings dev’s next Vita release   VG247 - 00:13
Galak-z trailer emphasises one-life-only approach   VG247 - 00:02