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Hello and welcome to!

As you may have gathered by now, we're a blog. A blog about videogames. But before you shrug to yourself, mutter "so what" and move on, Let us explain why we're different.

Exclusive HD content
First and foremost, we capture our own high-definition screenshots and videos from games as we play them. This is the main thing we do.

Using cutting edge technology, we can extract pure-digital footage from any Xbox 360 or PS3 source. We then upload this footage to the site in the form of high resolution screen galleries, 720p videos and comparison articles. We don't rely on other sites for our content - we create our own. Other blogs tend to re-report news and post up the same publisher-released screenshots and videos as each other. While we will post up noteworthy news and publisher-created media, fundamentally, the main point of this site, is the stuff we create ourselves.

If you're interested in seeing games in action for yourself, rather than reading someone else's opinion, you need to bookmark this site and/or subscribe to our RSS feeds. We've also got a newsletter too, which you can receive by becoming a member.

Unbiased, unrestricted coverage
Most, if not all, of the videogame websites you'll find online are influenced by publishers in some way. The bigger sites stay chummy with PR people in order to get advanced/exclusive access and the smaller sites often just want free games. To keep these relationships, websites will often hold back certain parts of their coverage.

We won't. Ever.

While we're happy for PR people to send us things to cover, we'll never accept any limitation on the coverage. If we have to promise not to post loads of revealing videos and screenshots in order to receive early game code, then we won't accept the code. We'll buy it ourselves, from wherever will get it to us the quickest. This may sound like it'd be harmful for us, but it's essential we don't compromise. Using Japanese games as an example, it makes no sense for us to accept a free game from a publisher, with the instruction that we can't release footage until after US/European launch, when we could just buy the game direct from Japan and be giving you exclusive footage much earlier.

We take requests
You'll notice we have a forum. Well, this isn't just for chatting. Users can log on and let us know what games they want us to take screenshots and movies of. Additionally, if there's a multiformat release on the way, users can request comparison articles. This is a good way for us to gauge what games people want to see. We can't cover every game in equal depth, so we'll often give the most attention to the most requested titles.