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The Witcher 3 PC 1.04 patch improves texture quality, adds more Gwent cards to prologue area   VG247 - 21:04
2K games is teasing Advent, a possible sci-fi dystopian game   VG247 - 20:42
Lords of the Fallen: Game of the Year Edition announced, coming in June   VG247 - 20:02
Batman: Arkham Knight – learn more about the creation of the game’s iconic characters   VG247 - 19:16
Street Fighter 5 to be playable at CEO next month   VG247 - 18:44
Need for Speed reboot to use the same engine as Star Wars: Battlefront   VG247 - 17:53
Bloodborne 1.04 patch is live, makes co-op much easier, more   VG247 - 17:23
GTA 5 gets Just Cause’s grappling hook, thanks to modders   VG247 - 16:43
Destiny’s third social space and how you can access it   VG247 - 16:15