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Dying Light Enhanced Edition “brilliant on PC,” but has presentation issues on console   VG247 - 22:40
Super Mario Maker level The Cluttered-Chaos Calculator makes our head hurt   VG247 - 21:53
Halo 5’s Double Date weekend playlist is in effect, more on the Feb. update   VG247 - 21:40
Developer lists Knack 2 on their resume, then pulls it off   VG247 - 20:53
PC Gaming Show is coming back for E3 2016   VG247 - 20:38
Get a quick lesson on the basics of Paragon in 60 seconds   VG247 - 19:36
Second Rise of the Tomb Raider patch addresses GPU issues, graphics glitches   VG247 - 19:10
Fallout 4 mod removes insignificant objects for better performance   VG247 - 17:29
Retailer lists new Nintendo Selects titles heading to North America in March   VG247 - 16:49
Deadpool pack for Marvel Heroes, High Moon’s Deadpool both on sale through Steam   VG247 - 16:03
Shakedown Hawaii teaser shows 3DS version of Retro City Rampage follow-up   VG247 - 14:47
Valentine-themed Flash Sale on PS Store goes big on co-op, multiplayer   VG247 - 14:31
Get behind your hero with this pair of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice posters   GamesRadar - 02:35