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New in the last half-hour

Unreal Engine 4 is now free for everyone to use   VG247 - 20:11

In the last hour

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart star in new red-band Get Hard trailer: watch now   GamesRadar - 19:40
Ethan Hawke saddles up for The Magnificent Seven remake   GamesRadar - 19:35
First Amplitude trailer shows team battles   GamesRadar - 19:35

In the last 2 hours

Call of Duty European Championship winner announced   VG247 - 19:30
GOG brings back Insomnia sale with discounts up to 90% off   VG247 - 19:03
Unreal Engine 4 is now free. For everyone. Really - 18:44
2K is shutting down NBA 2K14 online servers, won’t affect career save files   VG247 - 18:43

In the last 4 hours

One Dead or Alive tournament organiser is proposing ban of “over-sexualised” costumes   VG247 - 18:27
Trine 3 bursts into 3D action/puzzle platforming   GamesRadar - 18:15
Destiny: all the news from Bungie’s open house Q&A   VG247 - 17:54
Chris Weitz talks Star Wars standalone movie   GamesRadar - 17:45
Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen to honour Nimoy with in-game memorials   VG247 - 17:25
Deal: get a PlayStation 4 + three exclusives for $399   VG247 - 17:05
Destiny: this is how one player predicted House of Wolves details and Xur’s inventory   VG247 - 16:49

In the last 8 hours

Mortal Kombat X is coming to iOS… as a card-battler   VG247 - 16:21
14 European Call of Duty teams progress to the Call of Duty Championship - 16:04
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain announcement coming this Wednesday   VG247 - 16:02
Massive Metal Gear Solid 5 announcement teased for Wednesday   GamesRadar - 15:55
Mortal Kombat X coming to mobiles as a free-to-play card-battler - 15:30
All Star Legion is the world's first 3D action card-battler, out now on iOS   Pocket Gamer - 15:00
Reader survey: tell us what you think of VG247   VG247 - 14:55
Mobile announced - 14:47
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 brings a new rule set to the table on iOS and Android this May   Pocket Gamer - 14:45
£40 Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed - 14:39
Mortal Kombat X is bringing gory fatalities to iOS and Android in April   Pocket Gamer - 14:24
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 gets a release date - 14:24
Battlefield Hardline Premium offers early access to 4 'story-themed' DLC packs & more - 14:22
Interplay says it's remastering ClayFighter - 14:06
White Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle cut to £279.99 - 13:53
Hayter’s gonna hate: the voice of Solid Snake wouldn’t answer my Metal Gear question   VG247 - 13:50
Closed beta for World of Tanks: Generals starts today in your web browser   Pocket Gamer - 13:42
Stealth Inc. 2 loses its Wii U exclusivity as it sneaks on to PS Vita in April   Pocket Gamer - 13:25
Pokemon Shuffle downloaded 1m times, free stuff given out to celebrate   VG247 - 13:21
Dead or Alive 5 tournament soft ban on "over-sexualised" costumes sparks heated debate - 13:15
Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power sure is pretty   VG247 - 13:00
Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is launching in 2015 for PC and other TBA platforms - 12:34

In the last 12 hours

MWC 2015: Samsung's Gear VR Innovator Edition works with the new S6 and S6 Edge   Pocket Gamer - 12:23
Dangerous, Star Citizen will also add Leonard Nimoy memorials - 12:21
Deliverance and its near photorealistic forest - 12:20
Trine 3 announced with gorgeous debut trailer - 12:11
MWC 2015: HTC reveals the HTC One M9 and the SteamVR-powered HTC Re Vive   Pocket Gamer - 12:02
Microsoft cuts price of White Xbox One & Xbox One Kinect bundle - 11:53
ClayFighter remaster coming to PCs in 2016 - 11:27
MWC 2015: Samsung reveals Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for April 10th launch   Pocket Gamer - 11:22
Wii U exclusive Stealth Inc 2 slinks to PC, PS4, Xbox One - 11:16
GAME pays £20m for company behind Insomnia game festival - 10:33
Dying Light takes UK number 1   VG247 - 10:31
Valve and HTC's VR headset revealed, supports body tracking   GamesRadar - 10:30
Arcade sticks should now work with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on Xbox One - 10:25
Stealth Inc 2 coming to Xbox, PlayStation & PC next month - 10:19
GTA 5: that’s some seriously accurate grenade throwing   VG247 - 10:10
UK Video Game Chart: Dying Light's delay can't stop it claiming the top spot - 10:08
This week on Twitch: deep and passionate critical analysis of blue hedgehogs   Pocket Gamer - 10:00
GAME acquires events company Multiplay for £20m - 09:38
Dying Light tops UK chart as physical version finally launches - 09:27
Valve partners with HTC for VR headset 'HTC Vive' - 09:16
Metal Gear Solid 5: Mother Base turns pink in the morning sun   VG247 - 09:15
Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC - 09:02
Dying Light: Underpant Gnomes and 9 other secrets you missed   VG247 - 08:36

The rest of today's news

Dean Cain and Helen Slater join Supergirl   GamesRadar - 06:50
Bobby Cannavale says Ant-Man will place a big emphasis on comedy   GamesRadar - 06:30
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode dance gestures are deadly   VG247 - 05:50
Dragon Age: Inquisition mod enables male Blackwall romance, terrific joke   VG247 - 05:12
Destiny: it is possible to solo the Weekly Heroic   VG247 - 04:54
The quickest way to climb in Dying Light   VG247 - 04:16
Bungie “always” looking at Exotic changes for Destiny updates   VG247 - 01:21
Is Uncharted 4′s first trailer a tribute to Crash Bandicoot?   VG247 - 01:07
Sonic console games will continue, says Iizuka   VG247 - 00:45


Runescape developer has an “undisclosed MMO” in the works   VG247 - 23:58
Destiny PvP rewards system to be addressed   VG247 - 23:40
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 in the works for 3DS   VG247 - 23:12
Life is Strange Episode 2 not delayed, says developer   VG247 - 22:53
First SteamVR game reveal is Job Simulator   VG247 - 22:38
UFO survival game Orphan hits Kickstarter goal, PS4 version still possible   GamesRadar - 21:45
The Forlorn invade in new Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin trailer   GamesRadar - 18:40
Jason Momoa shares his reaction to the Aquaman poster   GamesRadar - 18:25
Two new teaser clips land from Game Of Thrones season five: watch now   GamesRadar - 18:00
Tarsier unveils creepy-cute horror platformer Hunger - is it the next Limbo?   GamesRadar - 13:10
Rise of the Tomb Raider will be "pushing the boundaries" of the Xbox One   GamesRadar - 11:15
Rocksteady AMA brings Batman: Arkham Knight's villains to life   GamesRadar - 09:35