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New in the last 4 hours

Rocket League rated for Xbox One   VG247 - 02:42
PayDay 2 gets free and premium Point Break tie-in DLC   VG247 - 02:28
Lapsed Final Fantasy 14 players welcomed back with four day free trial   VG247 - 01:56
Don’t Starve Shipwrecked out now, plus look at these plushies   VG247 - 01:48
Nintendo Accounts live in Japan with web eShop purchasing, cash back offer   VG247 - 01:29

In the last 8 hours

Black Desert Online now taking beta sign-ups   VG247 - 00:44
Shadow Jago is brutal in new Killer Instinct trailer   VG247 - 00:32


Forza 6 Mobil 1 DLC pack adds seven diverse vehicles   VG247 - 23:38
Vita-exclusive music festival sim BigFest launches tomorrow - 23:37
Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta detailed with an hour of gameplay footage   VG247 - 23:20
Watch out for egg-stealing Oviraptors in ARK: Survival Evolved   VG247 - 22:53
Watch Fallout 4 pit 30k Deathclaws against 300 Brotherhood of Steel soldiers - 22:51
Sony to host 40 minute PlayStation VR panel at PlayStation Experience this weekend   VG247 - 21:21
Jade Empire: Special Edition is On the House through EA’s Origin service   VG247 - 21:05
Mark Hamill, Shaq, Kiefer Sutherland to make appearance at The Game Awards 2015   VG247 - 20:46
Exploit causes Bloodborne servers to be taken offline for “emergency maintenance”   VG247 - 20:37
Star Wars inspired Ridley Scott's new Alien trilogy   GamesRadar - 19:05
Onimusha trademark filed by Capcom in Japan   VG247 - 18:31
King's Quest Chapter 2 is bringing rock goblins your way on December 15   GamesRadar - 18:10
Anchorman 3 would see Ron Burgundy dealing with the Internet   GamesRadar - 18:05
Here’s why Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 isn’t releasing in the west, per Koei Tecmo   VG247 - 17:46
The Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta starts Friday, watch the livestream today   GamesRadar - 17:35
Hiding Khan's identity in Star Trek Into Darkness was "a mistake" admits Damon Lindelof   GamesRadar - 17:20
Doctor Who costume packs come to LittleBigPlanet 3 - 17:18
King’s Quest Episode 2 dated – don’t forget Episode One is free on PS Plus this month   VG247 - 17:09
Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One - 16:52
King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause launches December 16 - 16:41
Here's how Just Cause 3's performance compares on PS4 and Xbox One   GamesRadar - 16:40
Just Cause 3: all the Daredevil Jump locations   VG247 - 16:25
Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted PS4 bundles $50 off for the holidays   GamesRadar - 16:15
Have a look at some Star Wars: Battlefront – Battle of Jakku gameplay   VG247 - 16:00
If you can’t find an Xbox One Elite Controller, it’s because demand has “exceeded planning”   VG247 - 15:38
VG247 up 100%: 7.9m unique visitors, 18.2m pageviews in November 2015   VG247 - 15:23
SteamWorld Heist hits 3DS next week with launch discount   VG247 - 15:16
SteamWorld Heist sneaks onto 3DS next week - 15:09
Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted Collection PS4 bundles back on sale starting Sunday   VG247 - 14:53
New PlayStation VR video features user reactions from TGS - 14:21
World of Tanks holiday sale offers up daily deals on war machines   VG247 - 14:21
Elite: Dangerous planetary landing expansion Horizons is available now in beta   VG247 - 13:05
Fallout 4 mythbusters ep 2: can you shut a ghoul in a Pulowski Shelter?   GamesRadar - 12:55
Holy hell, someone made an XCOM game in Microsoft Excel   GamesRadar - 12:40
Rainbow Six Siege – a quick fix for the Steam pre-load issue   VG247 - 12:33
What the shell? Platinum is working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game   GamesRadar - 12:25
Xbox Live deals: Worms, Guacamelee, Flockers, more indies   VG247 - 12:06
Star Wars Battlefront patch brings Battle of Jakku DLC support, balance changes   VG247 - 11:41
12 Deals of Christmas returns to PSN, beginning with Metal Gear Solid 5 - 11:28
Metal Gear Solid 5 half-price as another PlayStation Store sale begins - 11:23
New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser lands ahead of new trailer   GamesRadar - 11:10
EU PSN’s 12 Deals of Christmas – 50% off Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain   VG247 - 11:07
Batman wears a coat in the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer - 10:35
Fallout 4 mod brings Buzz Lightyear armour to a certain companion   VG247 - 10:32
Destiny’s first raid challenge is now live   VG247 - 10:13
WB Games Montreal has two new DC games in development - 09:56
Simon Kinberg talks Wolverine 3 script and New Mutants   GamesRadar - 09:55
Destiny King's Fall raid challenge mode live, beaten in minutes - 09:48
Captain America: Civil War trailer had 61 million views in 24 hours - 09:44
Platinum Games named as developer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game - 09:27
Bandai Namco opens official online store - 09:26
Destiny weekly reset for December 1 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed   VG247 - 09:10
Nintendo Account service launches first in Japan - 09:10
New Mortal Kombat X character to be revealed at The Game Awards   VG247 - 08:43
Full details on Uncharted 4’s multiplayer beta to be revealed today   VG247 - 08:26
Monokuma is back in Danganronpa 3, but everything else is new   VG247 - 04:23
Are you hyped for Capcom Cup 2015?   VG247 - 03:59
Life is Strange Limited Edition trailer gave me a lot of feelings   VG247 - 01:54
This week’s Rock Band 4 DLC is all chart toppers, all the time   VG247 - 01:43
Bandai Namco files trademark for Tap My Katamari - 01:23
Dreamfall Chapters Book Four drops this week, produces awesome new trailer   VG247 - 01:21
Arkham Origins dev is hiring for two more DC Comics games - 00:52
Just Cause 3 reviews are in – all the scores   VG247 - 00:29