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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: tips for getting to level 70   VG247 - 08:12

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Project Elea looks pretty special in debut trailer   VG247 - 06:13
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter dated for late May   VG247 - 05:45

In the last 8 hours

Here’s 40 minutes of Valkyria: Azure Revolution courtesy of the Japanese demo   VG247 - 03:08
Play Star Citizen free through Valentine’s Day   VG247 - 02:22
Rocket League comes to Xbox One on Feb. 17 with a few bonuses   GamesRadar - 01:20
“Significant percentage” of Gigantic developer temporarily laid off   VG247 - 01:19
Californium is coming to Steam next week - 01:12
Screencheat sneaks onto consoles next month - 00:39

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Mad Catz lays off 37% of staff despite “strong” Rock Band 4 sales   VG247 - 00:30
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon added to Ubisoft Humble Bundle   VG247 - 00:11


Rocket League scores on Xbox One next week - 23:58
Check out the sweet loot available in Destiny’s Crimson Days event   VG247 - 23:47
Rocket League comes to Xbox One next week   VG247 - 23:37
Ready Player One, a Spielberg movie about a video game treasure hunt, delayed   GamesRadar - 23:30
Uncharted 4 goes back to the mo-cap studio   VG247 - 23:17
Here are Hitman’s minimum and recommended system requirements   VG247 - 22:48
Adr1ft PC, Oculus Rift release date locked down, PS4 and Xbox One to follow   VG247 - 22:18
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles full trilogy out now – launch trailer   VG247 - 22:03
Destiny's Crimson Days event now live, special emotes on sale   GamesRadar - 21:55
Street Fighter 5: Alex is first DLC, PS3 controller support, Karin & F.A.N.G intro videos   VG247 - 21:14
Matt Damon says Jason Bourne "goes deeper than Ultimatum"   GamesRadar - 21:05
Dying Light: The Following launch trailer teases the mystery of The Mother   GamesRadar - 21:05
Contents of free Cities: Skylines update detailed   VG247 - 20:31
The Devil's Daughter release date set for May - 20:15
Destiny Crimson Days emotes: Hotline Bling, Napoleon Dynamite, pricing   VG247 - 19:59
A new Star Trek TV show produced by Hannibal's Bryan Fuller? Make it so   GamesRadar - 19:55
The Division closed beta stats: you closed 7.9B car doors and threw 9.3M grenades   VG247 - 19:40
Andrew Lincoln says The Walking Dead's return "is going to scare some people"   GamesRadar - 19:35
Destiny: February update and Crimson Days event live – here’s the patch notes   VG247 - 18:34
Play The Division for free in next week's open beta   GamesRadar - 18:30
Fallout 4 patch 1.3 live, enjoy better draw distances with your bug fixes   GamesRadar - 18:20
The Division: check out the Last Man Battalion in this new video   VG247 - 17:53
Far Cry Primal trailer is a crash course in prehistoric survival   GamesRadar - 17:25
Veteran BioWare writer David Gaider seems to have a new job - 17:14
The Division open beta dates, details - 17:14
The Division open beta kicks off Feb. 18 for Xbox One, Feb. 19 for PC and PS4   VG247 - 17:09
See Netflix's original costume design for Daredevil   GamesRadar - 17:05
Be vewy vewy Quiet in Metal Gear Online add-on, coming this March   GamesRadar - 17:05
March PS Plus Vote to Play kicks off: choose Broforce, Assault Android Cactus or Action Henk   VG247 - 16:58
Screencheat solves split-screen gaming's biggest problem - 16:41
The Overwatch beta goes back online today   VG247 - 16:18
Xbox One President’s Day sale: buy a console, get a free game and $75 gift code   VG247 - 16:03
Nintendo postpones plans for sleep sensor launch - 15:57
Here's how much space you'll need for The Division   GamesRadar - 15:50
Take a crash course in Far Cry Primal with this trailer   VG247 - 15:30
Fallout 4 Update 1.3 is ready for download according to Xbox One users   VG247 - 14:44
Ryan Reynolds says getting Deadpool in the "X-Force [movie] is my priority"   GamesRadar - 14:35
Metal Gear Solid 5 DLC introduces Quiet & 3 new maps to Metal Gear Online - 14:00
Metal Gear Online update Cloaked in Silence hits in March, adds Quiet   VG247 - 13:59
XCOM 2 guide: the best autopsies, abilities and gear   VG247 - 13:56
Homefront: The Revolution – FREE 30,000 beta codes to giveaway   VG247 - 13:31
At least we know Capcom hasn’t forgotten about Deep Down   VG247 - 12:43
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 patch live now on PS4 & Xbox One, PC tomorrow   VG247 - 12:13
Sci-fi adventure Project Elea could come to Nintendo NX - 12:07
Saw franchise is coming back for an eighth instalment - 11:50
Amazon makes game engine, releases it for free   VG247 - 11:45
Uncharted 4 recording new mo-cap despite having 'wrapped' last October   GamesRadar - 11:40
Rumour has it that Lionsgate is working on the eighth Saw movie   GamesRadar - 11:20
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has retired for medical reasons - 11:19
Mad Catz Chairman, CEO, & Senior VP resign ahead of financial results - 10:53
Remedy teases Quantum Break news for this week   VG247 - 10:47
GTA Online: clipping beachgoers with a plane wing is stupid and fun   VG247 - 10:44
Want to see Monument Valley in Lego form? Go vote for it now.   Pocket Gamer - 10:34
Amazon just launched a free triple-A game engine for PC, PS4 & Xbox One - 10:32
Xbox Store reveals the The Division file size   VG247 - 10:29
GTA PS2 Trilogy pack arrives on PS4 for £28.99 - 10:05
This Super Mario Maker calculator will make your brain hurt - 10:05
Amazon launches free game engine Lumberyard - 09:42
Dying Light The Following free update out, twice the size on Xbox One   VG247 - 09:39
Firewatch dev working with Sony to optimize PS4 version's performance - 09:35
Blizzard celebrates 25th anniversary - 09:35
Destiny’s Crimson Days event goes live today: times, details, 320 Ghosts   VG247 - 09:30
Destiny weekly reset for February 9 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed   VG247 - 09:09
Video game website GameTrailers shuts down after 13 years   VG247 - 08:48
Dying Light: The Following launch trailer sets up the story   VG247 - 08:25
Blizzard thanks players for 25 glorious years   VG247 - 01:20
Rock Band 4 couldn’t save Mad Catz from disaster   VG247 - 01:06
Firewatch on Steam lets you purchase physical copies of in-game photos - 00:57
Get ARK: Survival Evolved for $12 with Humble Monthly Bundle sub   VG247 - 00:01