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Destiny Year One bonuses to be unveiled on Bungie Day   VG247 - 03:54
Fight back against sale culture on Indiependance Day   VG247 - 03:38
Sunset featured in latest Humble Weekly Bundle   VG247 - 02:59
All the glorious features of the first new-gen F1 game – video   VG247 - 02:48
Destiny Red Bull promotion succumbs to scammers   VG247 - 01:58
J.K. Simmons is signed up for Terminator sequels   GamesRadar - 01:30
Hearthstone expansion details expected July 22   VG247 - 01:00
Survivors take aim in first stills from The Walking Dead S6   GamesRadar - 01:00
Destiny: The Taken King – Bungie finally reveals “what’s in the box”   VG247 - 00:47


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Supremacy out now on PC, PlayStation consoles   VG247 - 21:07
A cat on a unicorn is the least weird thing about Trials Fusion: Awesome Level MAX's gameplay   GamesRadar - 20:40
GTA 5 mod: Chop the dog drives Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine around Los Santos   VG247 - 20:31
Xbox Ultimate Game Sale kicks off next week   VG247 - 20:01
Xbox One “wouldn’t have happened” if Ballmer hadn’t approved $1.15B RRoD budget   VG247 - 19:47
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies to be revealed at Comic-Con   VG247 - 18:25
You could win one of 20 collectible Xbox One consoles during SDCC   VG247 - 18:00
First full trailer for Wet Hot American Summer series   GamesRadar - 17:35
Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max gameplay is pretty awesome - 17:34
Project X Zone 2 pushed back to early 2016 in Europe - 17:10
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! steams onto PC, PS4 next year - 17:08
Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 trailer gets broken down bit by robot-dinosaur bit   GamesRadar - 17:05
Watch the Horizon Zero Dawn E3 trailer again, this time with developer commentary   VG247 - 16:46
Project X Zone 2 UK release date kicked into 2016 - 16:35
Pre-order This War of Mine on Android, get PC version free and support War Child charity - 16:16
The Division – here’s everything we know about Dark Zones, so far   VG247 - 16:15
Western release of Project X Zone 2 delayed into 2016   VG247 - 15:58
Abandoning Wii U development wouldn't make business sense, says Nintendo - 15:34
Nintendo says confusing things about NX - 15:16
Film4 FrightFest 2015 reveals full line-up of films   GamesRadar - 15:10
Nintendo US eShop update: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, more   VG247 - 15:05
This amazing Dishonored playthrough makes murder an art form   GamesRadar - 14:55
This is how you play Dishonored - 14:50
These are the sorts of questions Nintendo gets asked by shareholders - 14:40
The global open beta for World of Warships has commenced   VG247 - 14:28
ELEX is an open-world RPG coming to PC and consoles in winter 2016/17 - 13:51
Elex revealed as a new sci-fi fantasy RPG from Piranha Bytes   VG247 - 13:45
Please enjoy this list of 37 new Forza 6 cars, and one I just made up   GamesRadar - 13:45
Nintendo NX to release by July 2016, claims report   VG247 - 13:28
The story of Black Ops 3 is so big, that it has an in-game wiki   VG247 - 13:06
PlayStation Store Summer Sale kicks off with Grim Fandango and Watch Dogs   GamesRadar - 13:05
Here's three hours of Halo 5: Guardians lore for you   GamesRadar - 13:00
Victor Vran launches for PC, Mac and Linux on July 24 - 12:31
World of Warships enters open beta - 11:50
Star Wars Battlefront leak reveals weapons, vehicles, emotes, more   VG247 - 11:36
Watch – first PC gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront leaks   VG247 - 11:21
Destiny: 16 essential weapons for PvE   VG247 - 11:07
Full Formula E season to debut in Forza 6   VG247 - 10:55
Rory McIlroy's PGA Tour is not an annual franchise; free content coming after launch - 10:54
Formula E field coming to Forza Motorsport 6 - 10:47
Now there's a Splatoon mod for Team Fortress 2 - 10:44
The Last Guardian: If not for the fans, Sony “probably would have” cancelled it   VG247 - 10:24
Batman: Arkham Knight Spoilercast – the game's secrets exposed - 10:20
Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information - 10:07
Channing Tatum still working on Gambit accent   GamesRadar - 10:05
148Apps Round-Up: Riff the Robot, Boss Monster, SettleForge, and more   Pocket Gamer - 10:00
Deal: get a PS4 with Batman: Arkham Knight for $369   VG247 - 09:46
Ten Formula E cars confirmed for Forza Motorsport 6 - 09:42
Michael Douglas plays teacher in new Ant-Man clip   GamesRadar - 09:35
Splatoon mod playable in Team Fortress 2 - 09:25
Uncharted 4 is 1080p/30fps in single-player, multiplayer shooting for 60fps   VG247 - 09:21
That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order - 09:08
Here’s Yuji Naka’s new game in action   VG247 - 06:13
Cities: Skylines dev to continue content support “as long as we possibly can”   VG247 - 05:43
Check out this adorable Splatoon mod for Team Fortress 2   VG247 - 05:28
Amazon now offering pretty sweet game discounts to Prime members   VG247 - 04:55
Elite: Dangerous dev comments on graphics downgrade complaints   VG247 - 04:29
What is Elex?   VG247 - 02:54
Goodbye, Club Nintendo   VG247 - 02:36
Allison Road looks like the fan-made spiritual successor to P.T. - 02:28
Zen Studios brings Paul Rudd to pinball in Ant-Man - 01:15
Fox plans to remake Fatal Attraction as a TV series   GamesRadar - 00:05