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Indie horror Allison Road ready to take over for Silent Hills   VG247 - 04:38
Thomas Was Alone “Deluxe” action figure set now available   VG247 - 04:21
Reggie: “No sugar coating” negative reactions to Metroid Prime: Federation Force   VG247 - 04:01

In the last 4 hours

Skullgirls heads to PS4 next week   VG247 - 03:36
Shovel Knight sales top 700K, physical release inbound   VG247 - 03:22
Dark Souls series global sales top 8M   VG247 - 03:01
All 124 ID@Xbox titles from E3 2015   VG247 - 02:20
Michael B. Jordan packs a punch in first trailer for Creed   GamesRadar - 02:05

In the last 8 hours

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PC online multiplayer delayed by “major issues”   VG247 - 01:34
Star Wars Battlefront dev “did not want this to be a Battlefield game”   VG247 - 01:10
Square Enix and Eidos foster “distinct qualities” of subsidiary studios   VG247 - 00:55
Four new games arrive on Nvidia Shield   Pocket Gamer - 00:01
Extra game discounts added for Amazon Prime members   GamesRadar - 00:00


Shovel Knight is getting a retail release - 23:51
Infinifactory has evolved out of Early Access - 23:31
Minimalist musical bullet hell Soft Body is heading to PS4 and Vita - 22:45
Shovel Knight getting a physical release - can you dig it?   GamesRadar - 22:15
Minecraft has sold over 20 million units on PC, Mac   VG247 - 22:02
PvE update hits Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta tomorrow   VG247 - 21:48
You may get a Fallout 4 character in your next Fallout Shelter lunch box   GamesRadar - 21:40
DOOM developer John Romero selling his Turbografix-16 and SNES collection on eBay   VG247 - 21:15
Halo 5 limited editions will be the only way to watch the Fall of Reach animated series   GamesRadar - 20:25
Delay of Star Citizen’s FPS module due to a mix of “technical blockers and gameplay issues”   VG247 - 20:00
King's Quest reboot release date confirmed - 19:42
Learn how to develop for Samsung Gear VR at PG Connects San Francisco   Pocket Gamer - 19:09
Origins didn't even have Grey Wardens - 18:24
Julia Roberts stars in first trailer for Secrets In Their Eyes remake   GamesRadar - 18:15
Star Wars Battlefront leads list of E3 2015 Game Critics Awards nominations   VG247 - 18:06
Miyamoto meeting his muppet's maker is the most adorably awkward thing   GamesRadar - 18:05
Minecraft console version update adds stained glass, trapdoors - 17:59
Robert Zemeckis shoots down Back To The Future remake   GamesRadar - 17:20
New Xbox features coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One Preview   VG247 - 17:10
Batman: Arkham Knight guide – Most Wanted missions   VG247 - 17:00
Create your own Zelda arcade cabinet with this step-by-step how-to   GamesRadar - 17:00
First chapter of Sierra’s new King’s Quest title will be released in July   VG247 - 16:53
Splatoon gets new Tower Control mode this Thursday - 16:37
GTA Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 coming next week - 16:36
Shigeru Miyamoto isn’t actively participating in the development of Nintendo NX   VG247 - 16:31
Batman: Arkham Knight patch should fix busted PS4 leaderboards   GamesRadar - 16:20
Troy Baker threatened to murder the coffee girl during his Far Cry 4 audition   GamesRadar - 16:05
Splatoon gets all-new mode ahead of first Splatfest - 15:53
Tomorrow’s Splatoon update adds new ranked battle mode Tower Control   VG247 - 15:45
GTA 5: Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC drops July 8: Marksman Pistol, Knuckle Duster confirmed   VG247 - 15:38
Soft Body doesn’t sound at all like your typical twin-stick shooter game   VG247 - 15:24
PS4 market share "frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe" - 15:00
The Hitman Collection is just $8 on Steam, take 80% off more in the franchise   VG247 - 14:40
Metroidvania game Red Goddess: Inner World releases on PS4 today   VG247 - 14:21
Microsoft's Gamescom press conference starts at 3pm Tuesday, August 4 - 14:18
Xbox dates Gamescom briefing: Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound confirmed   VG247 - 14:17
Batman: Arkham Knight gets new patch to fix leaderboards issue   VG247 - 13:48
Halo 5: Guardians definitely won't include split-screen or native LAN play   GamesRadar - 13:30
“The plan was always to slowly increase the price,” says Dirt Rally developer   VG247 - 13:20
SFX reveals the 100 greatest Sci-Fi characters of all time   GamesRadar - 12:55
MGS5: Troy Baker asks fans to “reserve judgement” on Kiefer Sutherland as Snake   VG247 - 12:52
PlayStation 4 dominates Europe with ’70-90%’ of console market   VG247 - 12:21
Interview: PS4′s Jim Ryan on Sony’s E3 and winning in Europe   VG247 - 12:20
Xbox Live deals: Peggle 2, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, more   VG247 - 12:09
Bethesda on the Fallout 4 leaks: "some hints of truth, some completely made up"   GamesRadar - 11:55
First Ant-Man clip gets wet and wild   GamesRadar - 11:25
Predator's Mortal Kombat X fatality is A-OK   GamesRadar - 11:15
'Reserve judgement' on Kiefer Sutherland as Snake until you play MGS5, says Troy Baker - 11:13
Retro City Rampage is coming to MS-DOS   VG247 - 10:58
Kevin Feige dismisses Kenneth Branagh Thor rumour   GamesRadar - 10:45
Destiny Weekly Strikes and Prison of Elders Challenges detailed - June 30 - 10:24
Destiny weekly reset for June 30, new strikes and Prison of Elders arenas detailed   VG247 - 10:16
"They're doing The Last Of Us 2" says Nolan North, a man who'd know   GamesRadar - 10:15
Microsoft in talks to buy AMD – report   VG247 - 09:56
Troy Baker 'knows nothing' about The Last of Us 2 - 09:48
Batman Arkham Knight 1.03 PS4 patch fixes online leaderboard issue - 09:35
First image and new title for Star Trek 3   GamesRadar - 09:35
Looks like Nolan North just confirmed The Last of Us 2 - 09:12
"I know they're doing The Last of Us 2" - 08:59
Yep, Nolan North totally just confirmed The Last of Us 2   VG247 - 08:42
Miyamoto at Jim Henson Studios is the second most adorable thing you’ll see today   VG247 - 07:50
Finally, here’s SOMA’s E3 2015 gameplay footage   VG247 - 07:15
LEGO Minifigures Online still a thing, has a launch trailer   VG247 - 06:55
Dragon Age: Origins team did not expect to make a sequel   VG247 - 06:33
Watch Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida eat a very hot pepper   VG247 - 04:35
Would you have been angry if Fallout Shelter had launched last year?   VG247 - 03:21
Steam Machine “Get it Early” stock all sold out   VG247 - 03:06
Mortal Kombat X: Watch Predator’s fatality and more   VG247 - 02:38
Disney Interactive merged with toys division   VG247 - 02:14
Destiny: Iron Banner returns this week with rare pulse rifle   VG247 - 01:04
Strike Vector EX outlines new console features - 00:50
Splatoon meets Team Fortress 2 in splashy mod   GamesRadar - 00:00