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Overwatch’s latest hero is Soldier: 76   VG247 - 02:59

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Some Xbox One players still can’t download the Mortal Kombat X Predator DLC   VG247 - 02:49

In the last hour

“We’re upset too,” says Payday 2 dev of PS3 and Xbox 360 shelving   VG247 - 02:27

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Watch Dark Souls played upside-down   VG247 - 01:30

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Slayer Edition coming to PS4 in August - 00:18


Super Impossible Road is a racing game about cheating - 23:36
Zeno Clash dev teases surreal survival sim The Endless Cylinder - 23:06
First Star Wars Uprising gameplay looks pretty alright, actually   GamesRadar - 22:45
The LEGO Movie directors to helm Han Solo Star Wars spinoff   GamesRadar - 22:05
Just Cause dev releases its first mobile title - 22:00
The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale has started – save up to 40-50% off select titles   VG247 - 21:36
New Rayman game by Ubisoft Montpellier announced - 21:35
Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 clean up at E3 2015 Game Critics Awards   VG247 - 21:25
Watch the first footage from The X-Files revival series   GamesRadar - 21:05
Fallout 4 will benefit from bug squishing techniques learned fixing Skyrim   VG247 - 20:56
Mighty No. 9 is getting a live-action film - 20:56
The voice of Mr. Burns not leaving The Simpsons after all - eeeeeexcelllent   GamesRadar - 20:30
Latest Witcher 3 DLC not ready yet, even if you can download it   GamesRadar - 19:55
Destiny Year One players will earn a Laurea Prima emblem for completing all triumphs   VG247 - 18:36
76 - 18:30
This Bungie Day video is a love letter to Destiny’s community   VG247 - 18:09
New Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will have you seeing stars on September 15   GamesRadar - 18:05
Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta kicks off this month with six-player roster   VG247 - 17:54
Rebirth due this month on Xbox One - 17:42
Nintendo Gaming Showcase: Man vs Baby - The Miller Report - 17:21
Street Fighter 5's first beta is online versus only - 17:14
Klassic Fatalities are coming to Mortal Kombat X for free   GamesRadar - 17:10
Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition PlayStation 4 out in September   VG247 - 17:03
Gauntlet: Slayer Edition coming to PS4 in August - 17:00
First set photos from Daredevil season 2   GamesRadar - 17:00
Sega CEO admits recent games have 'betrayed' fans' trust   GamesRadar - 16:50
Help an 8-bit Rick Grimes elude zombies in The Escapists The Walking Dead   VG247 - 16:47
The people behind Dead Rising: Watchtower are making a Mighty No.9 movie - 16:28
1TB PlayStation 4 bundled with PS TV in the UK for a limited time   VG247 - 15:59
Play! emulator lets you play PS2 games on an Android tablet... sort of   Pocket Gamer - 15:40
1TB PlayStation 4 out 15th July - 15:37
Speed through Wipeout's PlayStation-era tracks in your browser   GamesRadar - 15:35
The Escapists The Walking Dead crossover announced - 15:32
Rayman Adventures is coming soon to mobiles and tablets - 15:28
Fallout 4's Vault Boy and his Mystery Mini friends are smaller than a Nuka Cola   GamesRadar - 15:15
Journey travels to PS4 on July 21st   GamesRadar - 15:05
SEGA admits betrayal of fans' trust - 14:39
Journey PS4 out later this month - 14:26
No Man's Sky gameplay shows new features and why you might never stop playing   GamesRadar - 14:20
The Binding of Isaac Rebirth launches for Xbox One on July 23 - 14:19
Julian Gollop's Chaos Reborn now has a single-player quest mode - 13:58
EVO 2015 – full schedule revealed   VG247 - 12:26
Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC: Setting, plot and gameplay info revealed - 12:24
Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC pits her and Robin against the Joker and Harley   GamesRadar - 12:10
The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free - 12:05
Hayley Atwell confirms Howard Stark for Agent Carter S2   GamesRadar - 12:00
Batgirl: A Matter of Family is set before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, more   VG247 - 11:36
The Witcher 3 gets significant patch on PS4, Xbox One and PC - 11:25
Here's an alternative playthrough of MGS 5's E3 demo   GamesRadar - 11:00
Ultra Street Fighter 4 finally gets better AA and AF on PS4   VG247 - 10:54
The best games on PC   VG247 - 10:32
Here's Predator in Mortal Kombat X, in all his gory glory - 10:28
Destiny weekly reset for July 7, new strikes and Prison of Elders arenas detailed   VG247 - 10:26
Boardwalk Empire star snags role in Assassin's Creed movie - 10:14
Destiny Weekly Strikes and Prison of Elders Challenges announced - July 7 - 10:06
Mortal Kombat X players get Klassic fatalities, new Scorpion skin free   VG247 - 09:53
15 minutes of No Man's Sky footage shows off what you actually do - 09:53
Here's 18 minutes of No Man's Sky 1080p gameplay - 09:31
PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch improves visuals - 09:26
Inquisition to ditch PS3, Xbox 360 for future DLC - 09:22
Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting more DLC, but only on new consoles   VG247 - 09:11
Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4 continues to improve - 08:55
“People will get better at using VR,” says Yoshida   VG247 - 04:54
DOOM environments are “almost like skate parks”   VG247 - 04:34
Minecraft scores a Guiness World Record for Minecon 2015 attendance   VG247 - 03:55
Watch Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s “alternate” E3 2015 gameplay demo   VG247 - 03:13
Shenmue 3 enters Kickstarter’s top ten most-funded charts   VG247 - 03:05
Avernum 2: Crystal Souls returns to the App Store   Pocket Gamer - 02:56
No new DOOM info till Quakecon this month   VG247 - 02:03
Assassin’s Creed film secures Boardwalk Empire’s Michael K. Williams   VG247 - 01:16
Uncharted 4 art book announce delivers some new concept images   VG247 - 00:53
“We were really scared” to tackle Star Wars Battlefront, says DICE   VG247 - 00:21
The Witcher 3 dev warns against installing leaked alternate Ciri DLC   VG247 - 00:07