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“This is not Warriors”: Omega Force teases a new game   VG247 - 03:57

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Super-creepy indie Tangiers is the best thing I’ve seen all day   VG247 - 03:20
Arma 3 Tanoa dev diary shows off huge tropical battleground   VG247 - 03:05

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Become the voice of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide   VG247 - 02:50
SteamOS weekend sale has plenty of goodies for the rest of us   VG247 - 02:33
Everything we know about The Division’s weapons so far   VG247 - 02:16
Nidhogg dev's latest, Flywrench, is coming to Steam next month - 02:10
Final Fantasy 7 remake combat overhaul “dramatic”, but still “recognisable”   VG247 - 02:00

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Destiny: What is the Dreadnaught?   VG247 - 01:46
Get 99 Spirits, Vanguard Princess in Humble Weekly Bundle: Games from Japan   VG247 - 01:34
Destiny's new Dreadnaught zone is dark, dangerous, and full of secrets   GamesRadar - 01:30
Star Wars Battlefront details team-based Blast Mode - 01:18
Terraria coming to 3DS and Wii U in early 2016   VG247 - 01:07
Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLC brings two new cars next month   VG247 - 00:37
Yooka-Laylee gets a publisher with Team17 - 00:15


Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught destination features new Patrols, Public Events, Bounties   VG247 - 23:54
Director's Cut confirms a release date - 23:37
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons arrives on PS4, Xbox One in August   VG247 - 22:44
Race the Sun is free today on Steam - 22:35
The Talos Principle arrives on PS4 in October and includes Road to Gehenna expansion   VG247 - 22:32
This isn't PT - it's PuniTy, a near-perfect recreation you can download for free   GamesRadar - 22:10
Capcom asks fans if they want an HD Remaster of Resident Evil 2 or a remake   VG247 - 21:54
Yooka-Laylee will be published by Team17 so Playtonic can concentrate on development   VG247 - 21:38
Battlefield players logged over 170M hours during EA’s Q1 2016   VG247 - 21:23
Star Wars Battlefront's team deathmatch mode is a Blast   GamesRadar - 21:00
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut will be released in October   VG247 - 20:44
Playable female in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate wasn’t a response to Unity controversy   VG247 - 20:19
Nintendo readying N-Box subscription service similar to Loot Crate – report   VG247 - 19:55
Star Wars Battlefront 10v10 team deathmatch mode revealed as Blast   VG247 - 18:57
A Tale of Two Sons dated for PS4 and Xbox One - 18:34
Nintendo US eShop update: Kirby on Virtual Console, Just Dance 2016 demo   VG247 - 18:23
'Dramatic changes' and Advent Children will help shape the Final Fantasy 7 Remake   GamesRadar - 18:15
ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in August - 17:43
A fun game: try not to get distracted by how weird this HoloLens tutorial is   GamesRadar - 17:40
Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo delayed to 2016 - 17:37
Rocket League reveals free and paid DLC - 17:20
More than a year later, Final Fantasy Explorers charts a path to the West   GamesRadar - 17:05
It's official: ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC in August - 17:00
Gamescom 2016 dates announced, will take place in mid-August   VG247 - 16:21
Looks like you'll be able to vote on PS4's free PS Plus Games soon   GamesRadar - 16:20
Prison Architect will leave Steam Early Access in October   VG247 - 16:10
Five Nights At Freddy's 4: Two Cowards Play - 16:09
The Talos Principle out on PS4 this October - 15:48
The Talos Principle arrives on PS4 in October - 15:27
Tropico 5 is coming to Xbox One in 2016 - 15:08
First gameplay footage of Total War: Warhammer shows The Battle of Black Fire Pass   VG247 - 14:52
Final Fantasy Explorers heads west in 2016 - 14:47
Destiny: best set-ups for armour amour   VG247 - 14:42
Final Fantasy Explorers heads west in January 2016   VG247 - 14:34
It's "too early" to talk about Killzone while Guerrilla is working on Horizon   GamesRadar - 14:30
In Assassin's Creed Syndicate the Thames is "its own borough"   GamesRadar - 14:30
PS Plus “Vote to Play” incentive pops up and outs Grow Home for PS4 in the process   VG247 - 14:19
Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot is also skipping 2015   VG247 - 14:02
Warhammer battle - up close and personal - 13:57
PS Plus lineup for August includes Stealth Inc. 2 for PS Vita, plus two more   Pocket Gamer - 13:50
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide supports drop-in/drop-out co-op, including bots   VG247 - 13:40
PS4 on track to beat PS2 as the best selling console ever   GamesRadar - 12:55
EA undecided on the return of annual Need For Speed - 12:43
See how devs made Gears of War remaster new without changing the core   VG247 - 12:16
Prison Architect set free October 2015 - 11:55
Capcom asks fans for their opinion on a Resident Evil 2 remake - 11:49
Inafune's Red Ash fully funded after Chinese company swoops in - 11:29
PS4 has been the best-selling console in the UK every month this year - 11:16
Rare Replay could get even more games   VG247 - 11:08
Worms 4 skipping PC, heading to iOS in August - 10:46
Capcom wants your "honest and frank" opinion about the Resident Evil 2 Remake - 10:41
Horizon Zero Dawn will be at gamescom 2015, new info expected   VG247 - 10:40
Here's your first look at a new Star Wars Battlefront mode   GamesRadar - 10:35
Street Fighter 5 to launch worldwide simultaneously   VG247 - 10:11
One of F1's most exciting new talents has just signed up with a sim racing team - 10:09
New World of Warcraft expansion to be revealed next week - 10:03
Behind the unique characters of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide   VG247 - 10:02
New Star Wars Battlefront game mode to be revealed today   VG247 - 09:36
PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues - 09:18
PS4 sold more than twice as many units as Xbox One & Xbox 360 combined in last quarter - 09:12
Sony posts favourable results for Q1 of FY2015, 3M PS4 units shipped   VG247 - 09:05
The Best Batman Games Of All-Time - 07:48
League of Legends playable character killed off in latest story event   VG247 - 04:46
The Luminark of Hysh is one of Total War: Warhammer’s more unique units   VG247 - 04:29
Natural Selection 2: Derelict free to all Steam players   VG247 - 04:18
Here’s a horrifying game about clown hugs   VG247 - 03:50
LEGO Dimensions has a story? Okay   VG247 - 03:38
Windows 10 Solitaire has ads you can pay to dismiss   VG247 - 03:07
Mega Man Legends successor now publisher funded, PS4 and Xbox One ports confirmed   VG247 - 02:17
Rocket League hits 5M downloads, new map screenshot released   VG247 - 01:34
Five Nights at Freddy’s creator enduring “a lot of hate”   VG247 - 01:04
Nuclear Throne shifts over 100K units on Steam Early Access - 01:01
Fallout 4: 3D print your own working Pip-Boy   VG247 - 00:42
War Chest release date set in two weeks - 00:30