Videogame news headlines for Friday, 20th July 2012

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18:00 to Midnight

Supertrailer - This week's best videos mixed into one giant video   GamesRadar - 23:55
Jet Grind Radio heading to iOS this Summer   GamesRadar - 23:40
Beyond: Two Souls discussion with Ellen Page and David Cage   Joystiq - 23:30
Devil's Third developer forms joint venture with Doobic   Joystiq - 23:00
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gameplay video released   GamesRadar - 22:35
Zombies Runner sprints into blood and gore and cloning   Pocket Gamer - 22:11
Kingdom Hearts 3D launch trailer   CVG - 22:09
Magic Wingdom brings action to the world of marble poppers   Pocket Gamer - 22:08
An RPG fan's guide to the Steam Sale   Joystiq - 22:00
Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be dead - Report   Gamespot - 21:45
Nintendo flaunts 3DS XL's new anti-glare upgrade   CVG - 21:45
Microsoft supports Polytron’s decision to re-issue “broken” Fez patch   VG247 - 21:38
Defense Grid 2 being funded by Kickstarter   Joystiq - 21:30
Itagaki's Devil's Third back on track via joint-deal with Doobic - 21:23
Microsoft denies responsibility in Fez patch dispute   CVG - 21:14
Microsoft denies responsibility for Fez glitch   CVG - 21:14
“I think Desmond needs to end, at some point,” says Assassin’s Creed III lead   VG247 - 21:09
Raiden makes julienne guys in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tutorial   Joystiq - 21:00
Japanese customers get Donkey Kong free with Demon Training, New Super Mario Bros. 2   VG247 - 20:36
Super Joystiq Podcast 011: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Battlefield 4, Fez patches, Comic-Con 2012   Joystiq - 20:30
Watch Dogs won't turn up for Gamescom   CVG - 20:29
Microsoft responds to Polytron's claims that fixing Fez would be too costly - 20:27
Black Ops Zombies update 1.3 adds Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut, sans celebrities   VG247 - 20:11
The Steam Summer Sale trap   Joystiq - 20:00
Four more titles lose online support from Sony   VG247 - 19:59
Borderlands 2 finished, Gearbox now working on DLC   Gamespot - 19:48
Borderlands 2 goes gold, DLC now 'in full production'   CVG - 19:47
Due to Fortnite’s dynamic nature, “the only platform that made sense was PC,” says Jessen   VG247 - 19:42
Rock Band Weekly: Foster the People, The Strokes   Joystiq - 19:30
Grammy-award winning Beck to record exclusive tracks for Sound Shapes   Pocket Gamer - 19:19
Is this really Mario Kart 64 made in Minecraft on the App Store?   Pocket Gamer - 19:17
Halo 4 beats Black Ops 2 in 'most anticipated' list - Nielson   CVG - 19:15
Jet Set Radio HD remake grinds onto Android, iOS   Gamespot - 19:12
Dimps acquires rights to its Rumble Fish series   Joystiq - 19:00
Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield 4 - News round-up video   CVG - 18:54
Hear and see Beck's voice in Sound Shapes   Joystiq - 18:30
Deus Ex machina - 18:15
Steam Summer Sale day nine – FEAR 3, Driver, Crysis 2, more discounted   VG247 - 18:02
Kingdom Hearts 3D arriving soon, so here's the 'launch' trailer   Joystiq - 18:00

12:00 to 18:00

Fur Fighters to release on other platforms if iPad version does well   VG247 - 17:58
Beck composing three songs for Sound Shapes - 17:35
Wreckateer is the first game to include MS’s new Avatar Famestars feature   VG247 - 17:34
Jet Set Radio also broadcasting to iOS and Android this summer   Joystiq - 17:30
Sponsored: Hitman: Sniper Challenge competition week two winners   GamesRadar - 17:10
'Avatar Famestar' introduces persistent, cross-game rewards to XBLA   Joystiq - 17:00
Capcom releases new screens and videos for EX Troopers   VG247 - 16:51
Jet Set Radio HD also coming to iOS and Android this summer - 16:44
Jet Set Radio to release on iOS and Android this summer   VG247 - 16:40
Get your Beck on with Sound Shapes   VG247 - 16:36
Postcards from The Secret World: Riddles in the dark   Joystiq - 16:30
Fake Dishonored movie trailer is rather good, game’s director thinks so too   VG247 - 16:27
Jet Set Radio heading to iOS and Android in the summer   Pocket Gamer - 16:21
Deadpool scribe Daniel Way penning the game - 16:14
Xbox 360 shipments down, XBL subs up   Gamespot - 16:08
Dragon Island Blue looking to blend Pokemon with dungeon crawling action   Pocket Gamer - 16:02
Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps expansion trailer shows new units, North African campaign   VG247 - 16:01
Jet Set Radio HD also for iOS, Android tablets and phones - 15:57
Tracks from The Strokes, Foster the People hit Rock Band 3 next week   VG247 - 15:53
Splinter Cell Blacklist developer video answers your most basic questions   VG247 - 15:47
World Rally Championship 3 dated   CVG - 15:44
Colourful puzzler Polymer now even fresher with new update   Pocket Gamer - 15:40
Ghostlight looking to bring JRPGs from console to PC   Joystiq - 15:30
What do you get when you blend experimental music with tower defence?   Pocket Gamer - 15:22
Xbox 360 Edition notches up 3 million sales - 15:19
GTA 5 will not be shown at gamescom, say organizers   VG247 - 15:10
Minecraft tops 3 million sales on XBLA   CVG - 15:06
Hitman Sniper Challenge: This week's winners revealed!   CVG - 15:05
Fake Dishonored movie trailer praised by game's creator - 15:00
GTA 5 will not be shown at Gamescom   CVG - 14:59
Single-player Dead Space games too scary, says EA   Gamespot - 14:58
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission beta shifts from P&C to pre-order   VG247 - 14:51
Quick shots – South Park: The Stick of Truth   VG247 - 14:38
Final Fantasy 25th anniversary celebration includes FFXIII 'developments' talk   Joystiq - 14:30
Final Fantasy XIII: New content to be revealed on September 1?   CVG - 14:23
God of War dev 'pulled back' from violence against women   Gamespot - 14:15
Co-op added to Dead Space 3 so you don’t have to be scared alone   VG247 - 14:11
"we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce" - 13:51
Minecraft 360 sells 3 million copies, $60 million in sales   VG247 - 13:50
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita lands in Europe October 19   VG247 - 13:48
Gaikai and Sony deal “opens a lot of doors that weren’t before,” says Perry   VG247 - 13:42
GREE's steps up at Gamescom showing 2 Moshi Monsters games and MMO RTS version of Metal Slug   Pocket Gamer - 13:34
Minecraft Xbox 360 sells 3 million   Gamespot - 13:34
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita hitting Europe on October 19   Joystiq - 13:30
One X, S, and XL owners rejoice - you're getting Jelly Bean   Pocket Gamer - 13:26
Dead Space 3 tone shift based on research, scares more palatable with pal   Joystiq - 13:00
Just 4% of Ubisoft cash comes from PS Vita and 3DS games   CVG - 12:52
Xbox Live membership 'jumps 15 per cent in single year'   CVG - 12:48
PS Access TV episode 42 stars Sleeping Dogs   CVG - 12:27

06:00 to 12:00

Windows Phone 8 set to miss Windows 8 October launch?   Pocket Gamer - 11:55
EA: Single player Dead Space games were too scary   CVG - 11:52
Retro Olympics ready to compete on Android   Pocket Gamer - 11:32
Next-gen consoles at market “probably starting next year”: Riccitiello   VG247 - 11:24
Just 4% of Ubisoft cash comes from PS Vita and 3DS games   CVG - 11:22
Scaredy-cats were too frightened by Dead Space 1 & 2 - 11:18
Iwata: Being first next-gen console to market 'not important at all'   CVG - 11:09
Street Fighter X Tekken hitting European PS Vitas on October 19th   Pocket Gamer - 11:07
Street Fighter X Tekken handed October 19 PS Vita release date - 10:57