Videogame news headlines for Tuesday, 10th July 2012

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18:00 to Midnight

The Old Republic now free until level 15 - 23:47
The rules have changed: Paying for Super Monday Night Combat   Joystiq - 23:30
'Ouya' Android console hits $950K Kickstarter goal in hours   CVG - 23:21
Mass Effect 3 "Leviathen" single-player DLC revealed   GamesRadar - 23:00
PSN Tuesday: Quantum Conundrum, Game of Thrones   Joystiq - 23:00
Penny Arcade responds to Kickstarter concerns - 22:36
Amazing Spider-Man's DS game spun by Dark Void Zero dev   Joystiq - 22:30
Defense Grid's unique Kickstarter may produce Defense Grid 2   GamesRadar - 22:15
Xbox Live Marketplace schedule: Tony Hawks, Quantum Conundrum   CVG - 22:12
Ouya passes Kickstarter goal on first day at $950K and rising   Joystiq - 21:59
One Piece Romance Dawn announced for PSP   VG247 - 21:53
Mass Effect 3 'Earth' multiplayer DLC out next week   CVG - 21:49
Pachter – next Xbox will cost $99, will be your television, internet   VG247 - 21:44
US PS Store update: Quantum Conundrum   CVG - 21:19
Funcom outlines what’s next for The Secret World, monthly updates coming   VG247 - 21:16
Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat sequel lands on Kickstarter   VG247 - 21:00
Harada 'pulling back' on idea of Tekken characters in new Smash Bros.   Joystiq - 21:00
Super Smash Bros Wii U is a big priority, says Tekken’s Harada   VG247 - 20:51
Voice actor confirms Mass Effect 3 'Leviathan' DLC   CVG - 20:41
Look into the faces of Tales of Xillia   Joystiq - 20:30
Nintendo to offer hands-on time with 3DS XL and upcoming 3DS titles at San Diego Comic-Con   Pocket Gamer - 20:26
US PS Store update, July 10 – Rainbow Moon, Quantum Conundrum, Frogger   VG247 - 20:17
Square Enix exec says long console lifespans 'biggest mistake'   Gamespot - 20:12
God and the Fate Revolution Paradox is Nippon Ichi’s 20th anniversary PS3 game   VG247 - 20:01
Hello Kitty Sonic is first character collaboration from Sanrio and Sega   Joystiq - 20:00
Star Wars: The Old Republic now free until level 15   Gamespot - 19:48
Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer   CVG - 19:48
Black Ops 2 trailer stars villain Raul Menendez   CVG - 19:36
Penny Arcade Kickstarter asks fans to help go ad-free - 19:31
Papo & Yo release date and pricing revealed   GamesRadar - 19:15
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive headlines summer PSN promotion   Gamespot - 19:14
Angry Birds Trilogy goes retail on 3DS, Xbox 360 and PS3   Joystiq - 19:00
Funcom adds new server dimension to The Secret World to meet player demand   VG247 - 18:35
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Villain trailer   GamesRadar - 18:30
Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer trailer features 20+ explosions   GamesRadar - 18:20
Deus Ex film rights picked up by CBS   Joystiq - 18:20
Medal of Honor: Warfighter video debuts multiplayer   VG247 - 18:08

12:00 to 18:00

Trent Reznor writing Black Ops II theme   Gamespot - 17:58
Black Ops 2 theme composed by Trent Reznor - 17:54
Voice actor confirms Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3   VG247 - 17:51
Read Engadget's super-sized review of the 3DS XL   Joystiq - 17:50
SWTOR free trial goes live with patch 1.3.2   VG247 - 17:45
Amazing Alex launches on iPhone, Android on July 12   VG247 - 17:39
Angry Birds dev's new game, Amazing Alex, launches this week - trailer   CVG - 17:25
Ouya console seeks funding through Kickstarter   Joystiq - 17:20
Sony announces return of PSN PLAY summer initiative   VG247 - 17:14
The Expendables 2 debut trailer released, features crazy-as-hell Terry Cruise   VG247 - 17:01
The Expendables 2 - Debut trailer features Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren   CVG - 17:00
OUYA Android console Kickstarter races to a quarter of a million dollars - 16:59
Portal 2 goes Games on Demand, 50% off sales abound on Xbox Live   Joystiq - 16:50
Angry Birds Trilogy heading to 3DS, Xbox, and PS3 in the winter   Pocket Gamer - 16:47
Team Fortress 2 inspired Steam Greenlight, says Valve   VG247 - 16:38
Classic Amiga shooter Alien Breed docking on iOS in August   Pocket Gamer - 16:38
VIDEO: Xbox's promising future with Kinect-enabled interactive television   CVG - 16:34
Mass Effect 3 "Earth" free multiplayer DLC due next week   GamesRadar - 16:30
Kickstarter launched to fund quad-core-packing Android-powered TV console   Pocket Gamer - 16:29
Patch 1.7.2 causing equipment loss for some DayZ players   VG247 - 16:25
PEGI age ratings system to launch in the UK on July 30 - 16:23
Angry Birds Trilogy revealed for PS3, 360 and 3DS   CVG - 16:18
American McGee's cross-platform title Crazy Fairies: One World to go live later this year on PC, iOS, and Android   Pocket Gamer - 16:12
PEGI will be the sole UK game rating system starting July 30   VG247 - 16:04
Planetside 2 beta should start soon, providing “all goes ok” with tech test   VG247 - 15:59
PEGI age ratings backed by UK law from 30th July - 15:52
New Xbox 360 app counts the calories you burn playing Kinect   CVG - 15:52
Escape Plan Vita demo returns to PS Store   VG247 - 15:47
Angry Birds Trilogy confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS - 15:44
Angry Birds Trilogy for Kinect, PS Move, 3DS later this year - 15:41
'PSN Play' launches Sound Shapes, CS: GO, Papo & Yo, and The Expendables 2 across August   Joystiq - 15:41
Go ahead and add Borderlands to the list of amazing PS Vita games that no one can be bothered to make   GamesRadar - 15:35
Free Mass Effect 3 DLC out next week   Gamespot - 15:35
Square Enix: “This generation has been way too long”   VG247 - 15:30
Xbox's 'Kinect PlayFit' dashboard keeps track of cross-game calorie burning   Joystiq - 15:20
SWTOR is proof subscription MMOs have peaked, says Pachter   VG247 - 15:16
Pokemon Black & White 2 will allow you to compete against classic gym leaders and top trainers from around the world   Pocket Gamer - 15:16
CatfishBlues announces successor to highly rated iOS and Android space shooter Hyperlight   Pocket Gamer - 15:08
Trent Reznor composing theme music for Black Ops II   VG247 - 15:05
Gamers wanted Euro 2012 to be digital-only, says Wilson   VG247 - 14:59
Deus Ex movie in the works   Gamespot - 14:51
Wasteland 2 to include 1980′s prequel   VG247 - 14:40
Here’s some lovely Tales of Xillia shots to grace your screen   VG247 - 14:39
CBS Films signs on to produce Deus Ex: Human Revolution film   VG247 - 14:37
Mass Effect 3's 'Earth' multiplayer DLC out next week, totally free   Joystiq - 14:35
Free iPhone and iPad games: StarDunk Gold - Online Basketball in Space, Homerun Battle 3D   Pocket Gamer - 14:32
Mega Man to meet Sonic in upcoming comics   Joystiq - 14:30
Burn calories with Kinect PlayFit and earn Achievements - 14:26