Website Submission


In order for a website to be considered it must:
  • Be about video games, specifically gaming news
  • Have a news-only RSS feed (feeds with reviews etc in, won't be included)
  • Have its news regularly updated
  • Be of a high quality, both in terms of design and written content
  • Make a decent effort to source original news and put its own slant on news published elsewhere. Sites that routinely use heavy quotes of text from other sites or link off to another site after just a few lines, won't be included

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Reciprocal linking
For the sake of 'sharing the wealth' we now ask that you place one of the images below, or any text link created yourself, on any pages where your news appears.

To use an image or text link from below, simply highlight and copy the code beneath the image or link of your choice and paste the code into the area of your site where you want the image or link to appear.

And for those who want a bit more control, here's two transparent-background png files to download and edit as required.


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